Trump, I’ve written it over and over again, is working for and heading towards his next election win. New polls have his approval rating among voters at a whopping 49%!

I mean this public servant who habitually lies, womanizes, aids the super rich and abandons the rest? Yes, that’s the one! What is his secret? How can people who rightly criticize his actions fail so much? I think that there is one very simple answer.

More than the public loves sensations (scandals), it hates negativity. Trump gives a positive sin to everything, leaving the opposition and the media to point out all the lies. That’s aiding the Donald!

They helped him to his victory without him spending anything on advertising. He didn’t change his strategy, and neither did the others.

Stop nagging about Trump. Satire is OK (Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Jordan Klepper, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, Jim Jefferies and their fellow presenters and speechwriters and thankfully so many others) but it’s pushing the limits.

What needs to happen is good beautiful uplifting empowering news.

Instead of: look how Trump destroys the environment, bring: look how well environmental activists and nations have already progressed on saving the planet, and after Trump, the US will step right in to do its fair global share.

Instead of: look how Trump is not draining the swamp but is buddies with all the super rich, bring: look how well Obama did pulling the country out the banking scandal not-of-his-making and his recovery of the job market is still having momentum.

Instead of: look how immoral Trump is, bring: look at how well #metoo is working out, how awareness is growing and how activism flourishes.

Instead of: look what a liar Trump is, bring: look how truth is becoming more and more important to more and more people. Once, US public life was fake and politics its temple. Now people really start longing for a fresh start with integrity. This is so much bigger than Trump. The issue is not how to get rid of Trump but how to purge all of politics of pretense.

Instead of: Trump might have colluded with the Russians, bring: we were unexpecting but now we’re learning to protect ourselves against foreign meddling with our elections.

PS: What a bad idea to call a Jerusalem square after someone still alive. As the Stalin lane in Amsterdam proved: only name thoroughfares after dead people, when you know the total record of their lives