Last May, I made history by broadcasting Israel’s right to exist and calling for the start of diplomatic relations between my homeland, Afghanistan, and the State of Israel. In the spirit of the late Anwar Sadat who established a precedent, as President of Egypt, when he made peace with Israel in 1979 and with whom I proudly share a surname, I’ve been promoting a pro-Israel agenda to counter the visceral demonization of Jews that originates in the Quran and permeates all spheres of Islamic society.

Why is Israel Always At Fault

When I was a professor of political science at the American University of Afghanistan, many students felt Adolf Hitler was a great leader after reading Mein Kampf and believed Zionists hatched Al Qaeda and the Taliban and plotted 9/11 to give Islam a bad name.

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories exist even among western academics. Recently, I ran into a former professor of mine at Columbia University in New York who conveyed displeasure with my Israel affirmative posts on social media. When I asked how she could dismiss Hamas’s depravity, I was told that the Israeli Mossad created Hamas to derail the peace process.

Even if these conspiracies were true, why would Islamists be so cheap as to spill their own nation’s blood, engage in international terrorism and habitually sell-out to foreign intelligence agencies? And why are Israelis, who are opposed by much of the world, so united? Israeli elites serve their nation while Islamists are corrupt and illiberal to the core and deny their citizens’ basic rights and wield power by spreading terrorism around the world.

Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and other post-colonial leaders from the twentieth century sided with the Palestinians but lived in a world where pan-Arab nationalism and secular Muslims kept Islamists at bay. As a twenty-first century activist, I comprehend the doctrine of Jihad and ideology of terror within Islam. I’m not a pseudo-humanitarian who protests Israel’s counter-terrorism effort while ignoring all the Jihadi atrocities occurring everywhere. And if incoming rockets into Israel is not a worthy cause then look at Gaza where the world remains mum as Hamas punishes gays, women and non-Muslims in horrific ways that resemble the Taliban. In Iraq and Syria, the state has used chemical weapons to exterminate its own people and conflict throughout the Islamic World kills thousands of innocent civilians everyday. But when people only stand in solidarity with Gaza but dismiss all the other global conflicts that exacerbate genocide, then they are simply anti-Semites who conceal their racism by using Palestinian victimhood to advance their radical agenda.

Ideological Warfare

One of the biggest falsehoods in history is the reductionist framing of the war in the Middle East as an Israeli-Palestinian or Arab-Israeli conflict when it’s really an ideological struggle between Zionism and Islam (Jihadi forces within the 49-Muslim majority states) with Gaza and the West Bank serving as the buffer zone. Under the Islamic world order, Israel would be purged into extinction. This worst-case scenario is already underway as all strands of Salafi and Wahhabi Jihadis are on the upswing and terrorizing Christian, pagan and Shia Muslim masses. The ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq & Syria and the Levant) already controls an area larger than Britain and is bent on expanding its empire an establishing a worldwide caliphate with Jerusalem as its capital.

A declaration of war between Israel and Islam will ignite World War III. In a global standoff against Islamic Jihad, Israel is to serve as the bellwether among the allied powers. The US, Canada, Australia, India and the UK will rally behind Israel. China will probably do the same. Even Russia, which frequently antagonizes the west, will reluctantly side with the allies just as it did in World War I and II. But, it remains to be seen which way the EU and the rest of the world will go. If they had common sense and realized the fate of humanity was on the line then they will confront the threat posed by Islam.

The War to End Islam

The real Battle of Armageddon is not the biblical prophecy with the mythical return of Jesus to Israel to convert Jews to Christianity, as many evangelicals believe. It’s actually a scientific law that positions the Israel Defense Forces as the chosen army to lead in the defeat of the Islamic caliphate and usher a post-theocratic world. When the dust settles, Israel will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for safeguarding its citizens and saving the human race from the ticking Islamic bomb. Some may find my strategic forecast fanciful, but who would imagine when Israel was created, in the aftermath of the Holocaust, that six decades later, in 2010, the European Union would win the Nobel Peace Prize despite it being the deadliest continent and the source of two world wars that caused the most deaths in all humankind.

Preventing the outbreak of a major world war is still possible but it requires a concerted effort by sane people around the world to recognize that both Israelis and Palestinians are equally victims of Jihadi terrorism that contaminates the spirit of billions around the world.

I alone can’t rescue the planet from the end of the world scenario. But, the least I can do is employ tikkun olam, as they say in Hebrew, “to heal, repair and transform the world” by inspiring my imploded Afghan nation to cut loose from Islam and become eternal like Israel.