Where is Civilization?  

And, of course, by that I mean Western Civilization. Sorry but most of the Middle East has long ago qualified out of that category.With clear-cut evidence of chemical warfare usage- from medical data to GPS satellite photos- the UN and the world is awaiting a flawed form the start investigation to be concluded. Unfortunately many parallels are to be found with past appeasements and moral turpitude, from the Nazi era horrors to Cambodia to Rwanda and Srebrenica. In the last case the world acted, though once more too late for the victims.The utter ridiculousness of British Parliamentary debate or US Congressional consensus is mind-boggling.The civil war in Syria has been going on for over two years with over 100,00 dead and countless others maimed, especially children. While the notion that the usage of chemical weapons “goes beyond international agreements and goes beyond human decency” is in itself a perverted one, the fact that we are at the threshold of an international outrage is unmistaken. Additionally, we have heard nothing regarding the International Criminal Court. When doe the ICC get this case? The numbers are not sufficient yet?I do not profess to know the long term political and social solutions, but it is high time for the civilized world to step up to the plate and take definitive action !