President Donald J. Trump, you were absent at the opening of the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem today. But we can take that. You sent your beautiful daughter and son-in-law and your gesture speaks for itself. BTW: Great party, Ambassador Friedman!

We are grateful for your logical move and applaud your leadership in doing the long-standing will of the American People and their Representatives! You brought joy to us and the Jerusalem soccer team.

This cannot be nuanced by a tiny counter-demonstration of self-centered Arab Palestinian leaders, who have as their sole aim just to enrich themselves with no consideration for the population that actually needs their leadership towards respect and peace, and the petty few who are still fooled by them.

However, there was a small — but for us large — malfunction in the ceremony. The crowd was large but we couldn’t find Jonathan Pollard.

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Please send him still today to Israel, so that he may recover from his flight before his Jewish birthday, this year July 22.

For the world, this should be a non-issue, but for us, it’s beyond a political issue. It’s family. When he’s not here, things are not the same.

Thank you.

Two more things.

The rabbis teach that he who shows clemency towards others, God will show clemency towards him. Not a good sole reason to let others go free but for sure a good encouragement to do something sweet.

This long-overdue move will also proudly set you apart from all your direct predecessors. The US Embassy in Jerusalem, withdrawal of the immoral Iran deal and letting go of Pollard: three times is a charm.

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