A German journalist emphasized on German TV how great of a gesture it was that Germany having once tried to eliminate a people is now helping “a people”. What is your opinion on this statement, inartfully expressed, politically incorrect, too easy, or a comparison out of place?

As a humanist or a regular helpful individual one might say: Helping other people is self-evident and has no business with being fashionable, or? A modest action one does not display as a new trend, or? Or, now comes the more blunt trait of a humanist or logical thinker (or maybe even naïve): One does not support an industry selling weapons used for taking lives in those countries – and elsewhere – where refugees are numerously fleeing from, or? Why are people fleeing from guns and bombs – because they are being threatened through them, or? Why are these guns and bombs in use – because they are being sold. One may complex the circumstance, or one may leave it as it is.

There may be a variety of theories why this “dilemma” – omnipresent in the media and everyday life – evoked by this wave of refugees is hitting Europe and/or Germany immensely, from various political views around the world, be it an anti-German version, a Greek version, a Turkish version (whereas one may point out its elusion from its own genocidal history), an Israeli version, a North American version, a Russian version, a within-Europe-crisis version, you name it; I’m not a political expert neither from the practical nor the theoretical side, yet what one can simply find inappropriate and out of context is to say: Germany is “cleaning up” its history from the Shoah and Germany should clean up its image because of the Holocaust. If one wishes to “think about” this part of German – and European – history, one can visit concentration and labour camps, museums, memorial places, Israel, Yad Vashem, survivors of the Shoah,… – but one does not blurt out: Germans are helping refugees fleeing from war countries and the ISIS etc. which is a cleanup for the Holocaust. This is not an intelligent way to connect, is it?