The EU generally, and Great Britain in particular, have for years transferred vast sums to the Palestinian Authority – as “aid”.

Lovely, were it not that Caroline Glick has just shared that much of the British tax-payers’ hard-earned wages (not just theirs, of course, if that’s any consolation) have simply evaporated.

Caroline’s full article, in which financial revelations are a component but not the main theme, is here.

Caroline gives three examples:

1.In 1997, $323 million – fully 40% of the Palestinian Authority budget — simply disappeared, having been “transferred to Swiss bank accounts or otherwise disappearing”.

2. In 2004,  revenues from oil products were stolen; the coffers of the Palestinian Authority’s Petroleum department were literally emptied.  Finance minister Salaam Fayyad  who presided over the Palestinian Authority budget and “kept the international donations flowing” to the the Palestinian Authority’s coffers explained that – “unfortunately” – the financial documents tracking revenues from oil products “could not be found” because they had “disappeared” from the ministry.

3. The European Court of Auditors reported (in 2013) that  $2.7 billion which the EU kindly deposited in the Palestinian Authority’s treasury between 2008 and 2012, in lieu of “aid”, again simply disappeared.

Ask Palestinians why their foreign aid has gone way down. They do not mention any hint of any of this. Instead, they offer myriad explanations – the peace process, Syria, no Palestinian state. You can read all the excuses here.

Why haven’t you heard about this? Because it’s not politically correct to place Palestinians in a negative light – ever. Who do you think they are – Israel??

How long will the British citizenry continue to put up with this thievery in broad daylight? Your money – your vote – your choice.

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