A very public escalation in the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians has recently arisen out of the fading smoke from this past summer’s recent war. Abbas is calling for Palestinians to commit vehicular homicide on Israelis. Palestinians are gathering in the hundreds to pelt large stones at innocent Israeli civilians. But why? How does this help the Palestinian cause for statehood? Well, to put it simply, the Israelis are forced into a situation in which they must retaliate and will undoubtedly receive disdainful responses from the international community as well as condemnations. The media is so biased against Israel that headlines were titled on BBC as: “Palestinian ‘shot dead by Israeli army’ in Hebron” when referring to the Israeli response to one of the recent Palestinian motorists who killed an Israeli and attempted to flee. So, the Palestinians want to incite violence because it causes the Israelis stress, and oddly enough, gives them more international support.

I’d like to understand why the world so obviously jabs at we Jews in the media. It should not be that easy for an international leader to gain support from the rest of the international community. Nobody should be able gain support by inciting violence.

Most unfortunately, Abbas and the rest of the PA gains support, funds, and friends by doing such radical actions, so we will likely see a drastic increase in violence in the coming weeks.