It does not matter if one lives in Israel, has ever visited this country or been to synagogue, if you are Jewish (or your school nemesis was) soon or later you will have to take one of two sides — anti-Israel or pro-Israel. Of course, you can try to claim that your views are moderate, yet people will put a label on you, because when it comes to the notorious Israel-Palestine conflict things boil up quickly.

If you are pro-Israel, you try to protect this tiny little country and its right to exist. You can equip yourself with facts and numbers or simply appeal for common sense (where do you want us to live then?); nevertheless, any seemingly innocent chitchat about Israel is lamentable. You will be called brainwashed, blamed for genocide and blocked on Facebook for world-without-end. Can Israeli advocacy bring any money? Very likely, no.

Being anti-Israel, on the other hand, pays off much better. First, it is a trendy social movement (like skinny jeggings versus parachute pants). Second, if you are Jewish, your anti-Israel views will be considered as bold and rebellious. Third, picturing Israel as purely vile offers so many colours. You can become a freedom fighter posting random photos of crying babies and devastated houses and using vigorous words like “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing”. You can even shout them aloud during a violent protest (much more fun than a peaceful rally, right?).

Moreover, you can actually make a name and money on that: just as a nice Jewish boy named Max Blumenthal did. Where would he have been, had he supported Israel? Yet he has three books, 80K Twitter followers, and what appears to be a tidy income. “Hating Israel is what I do for a living”, is a quite shrewd motto. Hamas leaders’ wealth is built on anti-Israel propaganda: the more they denigrate Israel, the more money they get. (Is there any way to get out of this vicious circle?)

The best part is that the more you bluff about Israel, the better it sells. “An endangered herd of purple elephants from Siberia decided to risk their lives and float to Gaza strip with a 25-year supplement of unique diabetes curing herbs”. (Hashtag FreeGaza, 5k likes, 2k hearts). “Israeli border police brutally attacked the flotilla, murdering the elephants and burning the herbs”. (Hashtag Israhell, 4k angry faces, 3k crying ones). Now, you can engage yourself in a giddy exhilaration of abhorring Israel.