Why is it that 100,000 Arabs have been killed in Syria in the last two years and no one in the West can name a single Syrian on either side who has been killed? No stories with mothers crying on Nightline, no grieving wives or crying children. Near media silence in the daily papers in what some have called the worst humanitarian crisis of the last 50 years.

Why is it that we don’t know the names of any of thousands of Arab women who have been raped during the Arab spring. (Other than the story of Lara Logan of CBS.)  Awful and faceless victims.

It is shameful that the media is ignoring this humanitarian crisis- as well as the brutality now taking place in Egypt. Can anyone in the West name anyone killed in Egypt? One wonders where are all of the Middle East human rights organizations concerned about lives, rape, murder and these awful brutalities now taking place.

It is awful and terrible, regardless of where one sits on the political spectrum. Today, in Egypt Christians are being killed – and while American Christians like Jay Sekulow and David Cerullo speak out so many others are despicably silent.

As CEO of 5WPR, a leading public relations firm I wonder why it is that the media savvy organizations who organize so-called humanitarian flotillas to Gaza are so silent.  And where are the journalists?