The peace process is bad for the Arabs for the same reason negotiating with your 3 year old son about bedtime is bad for his mental and physical health.

Because it makes the world insecure. If there are no hard lines and borders to contain reality, everything dissolves into a post-modern sludge of relativism and subjectivity.

Your child needs to know that bedtime is bedtime is bedtime is bedtime.

Not just because you need some sanity after a long day of watching him, not because you want some down time with your spouse but because your kid NEEDS to have inflexible discipline and structure with which to orient himself in this confusing world.

The peace process destroyed the Arabs. It made them think everything is on the table. Instead of making it clear that the Jews are here to stay, that any land conquered by Israel as a result of a war will be kept and not traded away for pieces of paper, that any terror will be met with overwhelming force, instead of giving the Arabs the structure and borders they so desperately need to begin to orient themselves positively for the future, it destabilized everything leaving us with the Arabs of 2014.

“Wait, so you mean we could start wars and get the land back? You mean we might get parts of Jerusalem back? We might get the whole East Jerusalem? Wow, maybe if we push hard enough we can demand the entire Jerusalem.”

“Hang on, we can demand murderers freed just to deign Israel with our presence at a table where Israel will have to make concessions? Oh, wow. Maybe we could demand 10 murderers, even 100. This is working! Let’s demand a 1,000 for 1 Israeli!”

Its the exact same thing that will happen if you show your kid any weakening of your resolve on the seriousness of bedtime. I’ve seen it happen a thousand times. You give your kid that 5-minute extension and watch what happens when it’s up. You’ve merely delayed the responsible and right decision and hurt your kid.

The greatest kindness we could do to the Arabs is to make iron clear that every murder, every stoning, every terrorist action will be met with consequences. Not even as a punishment or deterrence; simply as consequence.

If you kid misbehaves, you don’t punish him, you simply create consequence and match it to action. You begin to give your kid cause and effect and thus allow him to take control of his life, and make real choices with irrevocable ramifications.

The day the Arabs know there is no negotiation on Israel’s stance and territories is the day peace will come.