If Netanyahu played golf, he would probably clock in many more “Obama hours” which could possibly lead to a better understanding on prevailing issues such as Iran. What works in Wall Street for businessmen may also work in the political field.

During Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political speech in 2009; President Barack Obama played golf.  Obama and Netanyahu convey a lack of mutual trust; however, by sharing a golf game they could discover the truth about each other and they may even find this mistrust to be somewhat unfounded.

During David Camron’s last trip to the US, he was whisked away by Obama (on the presidential plane no less), to a game of colleague basketball. Cameron spent over four hours of informal social activities with Obama, resulting in a shared game of Ping Pong.

Thus will be done… – Cameron visiting Obama.

Thus will be done… – Cameron visiting Obama.

The average golf game takes approximately four hours during which men can express their opinions on just about every topic under the sun when the game ends one can share a glass of cold beer and continue sharing experiences.

It is said that Chaim Weizmann, the first president of the state of Israel, received the Balfour Declaration and the agreement with Emir Faisal, in large part due to his substantial personal connections with the British elite.

Chaim Weizmann and Emir Faisal.

Chaim Weizmann and Emir Faisal.

U.S. President Lyndon Johnson promised Phantom aircrafts during a private meeting with Prime Minister Levi Eshkol at his ranch in Texas, and thereby saved Israel from the horrors of the French embargo.  There were “special relationship”.

Levi Eshkol and Lyndon Johnson at Johnson's ranch in Texas 1966. Theirs was a "special relationship".

Levi Eshkol and Lyndon Johnson at Johnson's ranch in Texas 1966. Theirs was a "special relationship".

A joint article, which mentions the visit of Winston Churchill in Washington during World War II, compared a hug and desire interview of Obama  to Atlantic press, evening of  “Netanyahu arrival  to Washington D.C.

During an interview Obama was questioned about his “strange” relationship with Netanyahu. He replied that while he and Netaniayu do not share a personal relationship, they do have a good working relationship. But Obama openly acknowledged that these are not personal relationships: “We have so many issued to deal with that we are left with little time to discuss anything other than business “. Nine meetings with Netanyah –  seven of which took place in the White House, all of them are defined by the protocol as meetings.

Golf is set to become an Olympic sport in the 2016 Rio Olympics games. In fact it is one of the most popular sports on the globe.  All living U.S. presidents played golf in the White House and continue to play to this day. So do many business men such as Bill Gates , Warren Buffett (who often meet on the golf course) to the former Teva CEO Israel Makov and Barry Shaked, founder of Retalix  from Israel.

What is the problem then?  Israel only offers one (and a half) golf course per seven million inhabitants and the availability and accessibility is poor. In addition Golf suffers from a bad image often associated as an elitist sport that is only played by the rich and the snobs. This image is not so in other part of the world.

I calculated that 20 football fields cost more to run than one golf course (a football field has to be leveled while golf can be played on a more rugged terrain) they also require similar water consumption. I believe that Israel has over one thousand football fields servicing mainly the young. Often these fields are only occupied once every two weeks or so. What about those aged 50 and over?

Do we not deserve to have a golf course in the South or North of the country?

It is also important for both inbound and outbound tourism.

For comparison’ sake – South Africa and even Jordan have a golf field on rocks and stones, and each player takes with him a small wooden board to put the ball instead of lifting. It’s just a matter of perception and awareness.

Ono Academic College decided to “lift the putter”.

The idea to integrate the study of golf as part of an academic curricular was born following a lecture given by guest lecturer Barry Shaked – Chairman of the Golf association and founder of Retalix.  The lecture focused on the relationship that exists between the business world and the golf world –Golf and Business.  The veteran golfer shared his experiences of the many years in which he combined business and golf intensively.

Due to the great interest generated by this lecture, the Ono College’s Head of technological and entrepreneurship, decided to offer his students a golf course as part of their academic curriculum. In this course, students gain knowledge on the basics of golf as well as understand the business and social aspects that golf can provide to the general public, business and companies.

Ono Academic College students' first lesson in Caesarea. They take the course seriously. (Photo by Rafi Glick)

Ono Academic College students' first lesson in Caesarea. They take the course seriously. (Photo by Rafi Glick)

Perhaps Netanyahu will consider joining this course? In his next U.S visit, he may surprise Obama with some interesting proposals while on the golf course. It’s not an impossible vision and it would be beneficial for Israelis, Jews and people of all nations.


Netanyahu, if you will play golf you may join the family.