Supposedly in a feminist move, next week a woman’s face will grace two of the newest banknotes.

Immediately criticized for failing to have Mizrachic (Arab-Jewish) people portrayed on Israel’s paper currency — four out of four are Ashkenazis.

Meanwhile, women in Israel are still paid less for the same work as men.

So, instead of worrying about whose faces are on the money, maybe we can prioritize whose hands they go to.


In Upper Nazareth it could be a bad idea for men to let a woman in the street know that he doesn’t see her but sees a piece of meat instead. The minimum fine could easily be $ 100. That should make a difference!


Most unfortunately, money cannot always steer us in the right direction. This year we needed to start paying for plastic bags that we used to get for free at supermarkets. The idea was to reduce the enormous amount of plastic that thus ended up in our garbage. Now the year is running out we see that the amount of — now purchased — bags only increased with enormous percentages