Gigging is all about not forgetting stuff. I’ve forgotten my clarinet.  A band is a platoon going into battle: mics, cables, axes, tune books, jackets, instrument stands, capos, neck straps, amps, monitors, lights.

My drummer — long gone — once showed up without sticks.  He cut up curtain dowel rods to use for sticks.

When I forgot my clarinet, I played a lot of harmonica and clapped.  Thirty minutes into the gig, the rabbi asked me, “Where’s your flute?” (Some old-time Orthodox rabbis don’t know the difference between a flute and clarinet.)  I said I was saving my flute.

My singer’s wife drove my axe to the gig — about 30 miles.  I paid her.

(“Der Yidisher soldat in di trenches” is a famous —  make that semi-famous — klezmer tune by Naftule Brandwein.)