Last week, I left Tel Aviv to embark on a standup comedy tour across the States about life in Israel. Yesterday, during a stressful day, I was able to apply one of the most valuable lessons I have learned as an oleh (immigrant).

When you miss your first train from Penn Station to Newark airport by 1 minute, yiyeh b’seder (it will be ok).

When the next train arrives to the airport 45 minutes late because of bridge issues, yiyeh b’seder.

When Delta won’t let you on your 1 PM flight even though you’re Silver Medallion, yiyeh b’seder.

When the earliest they can get you to Chattanooga is 6 hours later than you were scheduled which would mean you’d miss your show, yiyeh b’seder.

When they tell you there’s a 2 PM flight from LaGuardia except they can’t guarantee you’ll make it there in time, yiyeh b’seder.

When Delta finds you a 3 PM flight out of LaGuardia to Atlanta, even though it will cost you to spend $140 on a taxi, yiyeh b’seder.

When you arrive to Atlanta at 5:00 PM, run to pick up your rental car, and then race for 2 hours to Chattanooga, yiyeh b’seder.

When you show up to the venue a few minutes early, collect your thoughts, and have your best show of the week, you already know… turned out more than ok.

With apologies to Mastercard, some things you can control in life. For everything else, there’s “yiyeh b’seder”.

I have survived 8 years as an immigrant in Israel. I can handle ANYTHING.

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