Yes.  You read that correctly. It’s a tragic and pessimistic statement coming from a woman who is generally an optimist.  Yet my work as a therapist also forces me to be a realist, the voice of reason, and the messenger of what is.

If you are reading this article there is a very good chance that you are Jewish.  And in the event that you are Jewish please understand that you are hated for being who you are.  To the Haters your actions do not matter.  How much good you do does not matter.  It does not matter if you are Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox.  To the Haters we are all the same–disgusting, worthless, cheating, scum of the earth.  Does this make you squirm in your seat a bit?  For most it does.  It evokes a sense of uneasiness.  After all, there are few who enjoy being hated.  But you are hated unlike most are hated.  Your mere breath is an offense to the Haters.  In psychological terms you are the “bad object” and all that is wrong in the world is attributed to your mere existence.  It is an age-old story spanning centuries and yet . . . somehow Jews continue to hold out hope that the Haters will change their minds.  That some how the Haters will see all that Jews have contributed to the world to make it a better place.  That our resilience will impress and shift opinions.  But this wishful thinking — and it is a very naive and cruel optimism — is something that will never happen.  And by never, I mean never.  As in as long as there are Jews there will be Haters.  And we need to stop being surprised by this, stop expecting that somehow the world will wake up and that the Haters will turn into Lovers.

Are there non-Jews who love us?  Yes, thankfully there are some.  But when we look around at our world today, there are few of them in positions of power.  There are few who have the resources to protect and influence in the current world climate.  So what is a therapist to do who sees the proverbial writing on the wall while her “patients” — droves of Jews world-wide — sit with smiles in denial of the reality of their potential impending situation?  Do what I would normally do in session: be the messenger with words of grounding force:

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Stop being surprised by the Haters upping the ante world-wide with more bold and brazen acts of anti-Semitism — all the while not being challenged by any major government, authority, or media.

Understand on a deep and conscious level that by most, if not all, measures we stand alone.

No one is coming to save us.  We must defend, protect, and save our own world-wide.

Our resilience is crucial — terrorism cannot and must not impact our dedication to our Nation, our beautiful State of Israel, and our natural and God-given desire to help others in need — Jews and non-Jews alike.

Our greatest defense — and frankly our only defense — lies not in what our army can do, but in what our own hearts and connection to God can do.  We are the People of the Book.  People of Prayer.  People meant to be  Light among the nations.  If only the majority of our own people would understand their own power of influence by utilizing God-given prayer.

The world is standing on the brink of something never before seen in history, and the Jewish people will be the epicenter.  Are you ready to face the Haters with greater intention, will, and soulful endeavor than ever before?  Because we will need you.  We will need each other now more than ever, and our greatest tests as a Nation are yet to come.

God, please give us strength of heart, open eyes, and conscious wisdom.  God, please bless the Jewish nation, it’s leaders, and all others that stand with us that we may prevail over those who wish to demolish us.  God, may Am Yisroel chai.