Recently I wrote an article attacking the increasing libeling of men as rapists. Most of the responses I received included some variation on “You hate all women” or “You think all women want to emasculate/slander men &c.” There were also plenty of personal attacks, something which I have already addressed in a previous post.

I have read my article carefully and found not hint of an accusation against all women, women in general or just women. Indeed, I took care not to leave that impression, because it was and is the furthest thing from my mind. I was attacking contemporary feminism, which includes very virulent and violent strains of hatred toward the male gender too numerous to mention (just Google “cis-hetero” for a small taste). Those who believe I was attacking all women, including Klari Bates, are invited to provide evidence of such. Otherwise, it is slander and nothing more.

I have actually made pains to point out women who fight against these campaigns, some of whom identify as feminist and some not. People who think that their opinion is irrelevant because they are not survivors (interesting assumption) are invited to listen to Wendy McElroy, a survivor of a brutal rape who refuses to cow to the “all men are potential rapists” position that even some sexual assault support centers seem to espouse.

Rape is too serious a crime to allow for wildly exaggerated statistics and accusations which unfortunately often lead many to be skeptical of the real thing. Catching and punishing the guilty is no excuse for damning the innocent or denying anyone the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt Western civilization holds so dear. If this presumption holds for murder and even Nazi war criminals, it should hold true for sexual assault.

People can of course continue to personally shoot the messenger – in this case, me. Or perhaps it is time we realize that rape is very largely the purview of criminals – very often sociopaths – and not men as such. Maybe it’s time we stop bandying about 1 in 5 or 1 in 3 statistics – as if to say that if the problem is not so widespread, then it’s not a problem. Any case of rape is bad enough; there’s no need to cast a pall on those who would never dream of doing so in real life.