Shockingly, I haven’t been called a “self-hating Jew” over my opinion on the Post coverage yet, so I wrote this to fix that.


Attention Frum knee-jerk reactionaries: The New York Post is a tabloid, it deserves as much attention as the National Enquirer. The fact that a large segment of the Frum population loves to read it because of it’s right-wing slant and pro-Israel bias, doesn’t change that fact. You don’t seem to mind when they attack Muslims, you don’t mind when they defend racism, and you don’t seem to notice when they write incendiary headlines and articles practically every day of the week. Are they anti-Semitic? Maybe, but by that metric, they are xenophobic, homophobic, racists, and bigots as well. Acting shocked by their coverage of Jews is as silly as acting shocked when the Weekly World News reports about “Bat Boy!!” or “Obama is a Lizard Man!!”, it’s what they do, and it surprises no one. Let this be a lesson to you guys, you love the right-wing Perpetual Outrage Machine when it’s aimed at your favorite targets, but are shocked and incensed when that same blind ignorance and vitriol is turned against you. Much like when Michael Wiener [Savage] went from your favorite angry white guy on the radio, to being the self-hating Jew who had the chutzpah to call you out on metzitza b’peh. I’m sure there’s a brilliant proverb about making friends with bad people and then getting burned by your supposed friend, but I don’t know any proverbs… You get my point though.

Another thing. When you label everything ‘Anti-Semitism’, you become the boy who cried wolf, and people tune out and stop paying attention. Anti-Semitism is real, it exists, but by screaming about it every time you are offended, you lose credibility, and ultimately hurt your own cause. And speaking of being offended, aren’t you the ones who are incensed by those “Liberal PC police”? You defend Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson’s right to say stupid and offensive things, but when the Post does the same you blow a gasket? Smells a little hypocritical to moi.

But here is my biggest problem with your reaction to the Post cover: Over the last 24 hours, I’ve seen numerous Facebook pages, petitions, statements by politicians, incalculable posts and conversations, angry back-and forths, and a general outpouring of rage against the coverage. All of this makes me wonder, where is the outrage about child abuse? Agunas? Lack of education? Where are the calls for a boycott of various yeshivas, shuls or mikvas? Where are the Facebook pages screaming about the ongoing abuse and molestation in the Frum community? Why are those of us who dare talk about these things the bad guys? Where are the self-righteous politicians when victims are attacked and slandered daily? You are obviously capable of making a stink, so where are your voices when there are real issues to be dealt with? If you were equally outraged by the genuine problems in your midst, maybe I’d take your protestation a little more seriously, but your selective righteous indignation rings hollow. So until then, spare me the crocodile tears.


P.S. In case you missed it, my commentary did not include a word about the deceased, nor did it defend the Post.