Regarding the unseemly efforts being made by Bibi (and on his behalf by those close to him) to cling to power during a time of national crisis both within the nation and in the Diaspora as well:

MK Benny Gantz is in charge of what matters most right now but he’s already demonstrated he’s far better as a military man than as a politician. Besides, he can’t be seen as undertaking political maneuvering while having just entered the emergency security cabinet and government.  Some other individual must step up into the political void, promulgate a narrative and present a public posture as if Bibi has already been shown the door.  Neither Michaeli nor Liberman is that individual and their calls for Bibi to resign now are not only unhelpful due to being premature, they only serve to make him more defensive and dig in harder, potentially cutting career saving deals out of public view.

MK Gideon Sa’ar should get a hold of Moshe Kahlon, who now works w/House of Al Falahi (much influence in UAE), and the two should rope in others who have previously challenged Bibi for leadership of Likud but failed, until they have enough allies to pressure the top of Likud to make it absolutely clear to Bibi that he is effectively through, and that Agudah, Degel, and Shas are not getting the money.

The individual whom the top of Likud (sans Bibi), National Unity, Kahlon (yes, from outside the Knesset and in a position to begin to craft a post-war future for ‘azza along with the Emiratis) and others (I’m indifferent on Lapid, Mansour Abbas might be a good idea, as might Shaked but I’m out of touch with the Israeli “street”) must get behind is Naftali Bennett.

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