More Bang for the Buck

‘Israel hits targets in Gaza after mortar attack’                                         Times of Israel: November 19, 2013

It seems that both sides are quite content to keep on firing rockets, mortars and missiles at each other just for the hell of it.

Now I know that rockets/mortars fired from Gaza are generally considered less sophisticated than equivalent missiles used by the IDF but, still, they must all cost something to fabricate; the Israeli ones naturally being somewhat more expensive.

In light of the financial constraints that both the Hamas and Israeli administrations are labouring under at present, it might make much better sense if these and all other armaments could be taken off the balance sheet and put into cold storage for the duration.

The weapons here are of virtual reality only. As such, they expend no fuel, have no explosive content, require little maintenance or complex guidance systems. Yet their range is limitless, their numbers infinite, their accuracy measurable to the nearest metre and their offensive capabilities second to none. And all this for absolutely zero expenditure – apart from that of a few brain cells.

What more could any cash-strapped economy want in a ready-made arsenal of such commendable frugality?


About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .