Thinking BIG, really BIG

As far as the Iranian nuclear arms issue is concerned, the deal appears to have reached the halfway stage and now it’s time to move forward.

But to where and for what purpose?

That point would appear to be some six months down the line and then we find out if it’s been worthwhile. Or not.

Best-case scenario:

Within the designated time frame, Iran has not increased its refinement of uranium beyond agreed limits and no surprises have surfaced that might lead to a re-imposition of sanctions. All in all, a good result so far and one that, hopefully, will be improved upon as the next phase of negotiations gets under way.

Worst-case scenario:

Iran has managed to finalise the development of a nuclear weapon and has had sufficient time and wherewithal to produce its first deliverable atomic bomb. High fives all round for the Ayatollahs but lots of angry ‘I told you so’ voices from elsewhere, most of them at fairly high volume and accompanied by the sound of much sabre-rattling.

First case: Build on what’s been achieved in a breathing space of half a year and pray that this will be enough to turn matters around once and for all.

Second case: Now that two nuclear and not very friendly powers are both resident to the region, what’s the plan? Or has it been left a little too late for anything like that?

It has been said that a week is a long time in politics. Six months, therefore, should provide plenty of scope for coming up with something to suit either eventuality. Or even both.

Time enough to start operating on a grand scale by thinking big. And I do mean big, really BIG.

So BIG that a lot of very BIG problems are cut down to size, becoming much easier to deal with and leaving everyone wondering why this wasn’t done ages ago.

Here the Israeli-Palestinian conflict becomes a fully orchestrated dance of the most careful choreography rather than the scrappy free-for-all it’s always been. Suddenly there is a new game in town and all the old rules and crazy antics go out the window, never to return. Even the testosterone-fuelled allure of nuclear club membership loses much of its gloss when there are weapons coming on stream that are, psychologically speaking, far more frightening now than any ever created in the past. These new toys cost virtually nothing to produce, install and maintain; their numbers are beyond counting, their range limitless.

And there is no defence against them. Except to be very, very circumspect in all matters promoting unreasonable behaviour or hostile intent where others are concerned.

What? Not capable of thinking this BIG? Then eternity may not be long enough to find forgiveness – and that is never a good result for anyone.


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