Elizabeth Browder

2 weeks…and so much learned

It has been two weeks since the three teenagers were kidnapped by Hamas. Two weeks of us all praying, wondering if today will be the day they will be returned to their parents. Two weeks…14 days with no word from the teens.

As I read thru my friends’ post on social media, I am amazed by one thing: the absolute resolve to help, to do something, anything. Some are organizing food collections to help feed the IDF as they search around the clock for the boys. Some are just there, to pray with the IDF. Others, in the US, are tying three yellow ribbons around trees. The need to help in any way is a common theme.

My Dad used to tell me that “Israel is not just a place”. I never understood this until now. It is not just a strip of land in the Middle East. It is not just some oasis in the desert. It is so much more. Israel is the fullfillment of the promise to Abraham. Israel is in the heart of every person who loves her. I am one of those people. I never knew how much until I saw how people were refusing to be afraid, refusing to hide, refusing to be terrified. Israel is strong..much stronger than Hamas’ hate for Israel..much stronger than the Anti Semites hate for her. Israel is strong because of her people.




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