2 Years of Modi: ‘Branding India as a Global Master’

Rise of Modi or India

Keeping aside all statistical affirmative indicators of India’s growth, in last 2 years, the present government has unquestionably been successful in framing Nation’s image as an emerging lumbering Elephant in South-East Asia.

Not to mention the accomplishments and actions may differ from promise, nevertheless New Delhi, so far, drew worldwide attention as an unfolding economic power.

It can undeniably be a unique coincidence of emergence of BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) government, which completed 2 years in power on 26th of May, 2016, and surge of global crisis.
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Rise of ISIS, China’s de-accelerated economy, Western stagnancy and fall of global oil prices, complimented the incumbents, who came with full majority for the first time Indian electoral history (Only party after Congress), to stage an optimistic image of Country at international stage.

Besides emergence of new era of terrorism, fall of regime after regime in Middle East and refugee/migrants crises in Middle East, North Africa and Europe have been focal point of global discourse.

Meanwhile, India kept itself occupied in scaling the length and breadth of economic world.

Mapping the East and West

Less than 2 years of his tenure he scaled world form Magnolia in Far East to far Seychelles off East Africa, where no Indian premier ever paid attention. He led India emerge as a mediator power between western and eastern power.

Modi, not only took lead in aligning the far eastern countries like Magnolia, Seychelles, Indian oceans island countries Mauritius, Fiji, and Central Asian countries etc, which although do not have significance on world map, but do play keyhole in shaping India’s aspiration of permanent member of UNSC.

After new premier swept to power in 2013, China embarked itself in eradicating deep rooted corruption in bureaucracy, intensifying cracked down on public and media outrage, while, Obama administration could not heed beyond sanctioning Russia’s re-conquest of Eastern Europe,  and unbalancing Arabian peninsula by tabling the nuclear agreement.

On one hand, Putin invested most his energy in reviving SOVIET legacy, US has been successful in inundating former SOVIET stronghold Cuba, most of the world discourse remained between migrant and UK’s realignment from EU.

On the other hand, sensing the vacuum in global dias, Modi slated himself as a joining link between East and West, emerging as a leader with influential and decisive power.

Balancing the Middle-East

Since mid 2014, as Saudi’s oil dominance has been on downhill, and Iran’s nuclear deal imbibed another kind of contention in Arabian Peninsula. At the same, time, Modi, not only successfully balanced China and USA, but Shia and Sunni along with Jewish State, with recent his visits to Saudi Arabia and Iran, and foreign minister’s Israel visit.

Even he has been successful in mapping the largest landlocked part of world, central Asia, and with Chabahar port agreement with Iran, Modi assured India’s opening in Central Asia, which has been neglected from global arena after fall of SOVIET, even having a big chunk of natural resources there.

Last 2 years has seen far intensive foreign policy under Modi administration which India never seen before.

And, amid the entire furore Modi is going to address joint session of US Congress, the world’s most power full legislative body, which decided the discourse of world for decades.

However, even after making felt India’s presence from Far East to West, Modi administration has been failed in countering not only Pakistan, but Nepal which is considered to be India’s little brother for centuries.

Although India has presence in African nations, but still very less aligned with Latin American nations, where still Indian needs to search grounds.

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Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am a journalist, writer and blogger, worked for leading newspapers and news channels including The Hitavada, DD News in India for many years.
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