20 year-round recipes I’m serving this Passover

I’m not one to get stressed out about Pesach cooking.  I’m not too concerned about cooking for 16-20 people each night of the chag, nor does it worry me that we have a family of four moving in to our basement for the week.  I don’t get panicked because my cooking doesn’t really change much for Pesach-week.

With all the fuss over Kosher for Passover products I can understand why it’s easy to forget how much is available to us from Mother Nature’s pantry, but if, like me, you “shop the aisle”,  there’s no reason to be going hungry during Pesach.

If you’re starting to work on your Passover Prep, or if you’ve been furiously cooking for weeks, you might want to take a look at my roundup of year-round recipes, some of them my own, that I’ll be serving this Pesach (recipes marked with an asterisk may contain kitniyot). At the end of the post you’ll find some links to other Pesach Recipes and Roundups that have caught my attention.

Meatless Meals

Photo: May I Have That Recipe

Chicken and Meat

Photo: Yosef Silver (This American Bite)

Heartwarming Comfort Food

Photo: Yosef Silver (This American Bite)

Simple Sides

Photo: Whitney Fisch (Jewhungry)


Photo: Couldn’t Be Parve

Recipes, Roundups & Resources

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Yosef Silver, author of This American Bite, is a passionate food writer with a love for photography, living in Overland Park, KS with his wife and two children. Silver’s recipes are kosher, many are vegetarian or vegan. This American Bite has received recognition from the Kosher blogging community for a fresh approach to Kosher living in the Mid West.
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