2014 Purim 5774 at Rachel’s tomb

2014 Purim 5774 at Rachel’s Tomb with RACHEL’S CHILDREN RECLAMATION FOUNDATION RACHEL’S CHILDREN RECLAMATION FOUNDATION established in 1995 has been celebrating Purim at Kever Rachel bringing pizza and Megillat Esthers to the soldiers and now healthy snacks In 2001, Evelyn Haies was invited on the roof of Rachel’s Tomb to take photographs of the house Press Release 2014 Purim 5774 at Rachel purchased sight unseen. She was accompanied by Sara Blaustein hyd. Evelyn took a picture of the property putting the camera lens to the nozzle hole for the soldiers rifles. That was the last time Evelyn saw her dear friend Sara. We had both come to give Shaloach Manot to the soldiers guarding the tomb. This year an exciting Purim began with a Write for Rachel class at Beit Bnei Rachel The Taanis Esther shiur was sponsored by Henya Storch of Woodmere, New York, daughter of Feiga bas Freydel on her mother’s Taanis Esther birthday. Sadly, the Reception Center had been destroyed by the illegal occupiers who moved walls, took apart Museum of Aliyah displays and closed off the sections on Jewish history. Shocked by the Hamans in our midst who even moved the RCRF Sefer Torah again into a shameful corner, RCRF and friends are fighting the Hamans in our midst by presenting only righteousness in the merit of Rachel Imeinu. Together, the women cry, suffering the destruction, and profess for the rectification.

Can you imagine a group of visitors was told that RCRF signs, refrigerator, chairs, tables can be thrown out because she didn’t accept their compromise of sacrificing a quarter of a million dollars and getting offered less and less. Can you imagine a student in a yeshiva insinuating that their Rabbi can take possession because RCRF wasn’t there, not mentioning that the Women’s groups were coming by the 50s, four times a week and there were constant classes and life cycle events. Can you imagine that with this retort by a young student Evelyn opened up to tehillim 42, 43 and 44 and understood, exile for the women at Beit Bnei Rachel was a miniature of the exiles of the Jews from Israel caused by aggression, bullying, lies, slander, destruction, intimidation of the Jews. She was also told to review Bama Basra chapter 3 which is a statement against squatters. How sad that a yeshiva can accept unlaws to validate its horrific actions against the achievements of the women so appreciated by all. How sad that a yeshiva can demand charity from a group when it is not owner and never got a lease from the owner, president and trustees of the company that is in full control of the three story building from which it is locked out against the order not to lock out. Notwithstanding the hardships the women are suffering, the women continue to hold their events. Giving Kavod HaTorah with HaRav Mayer Horowitz, shlita, was an inspiring moment of affirmation. The women re-hung the magnificent Malla Carl artwork and made the Reception Center look pleasant again.

Withstanding the machloches, the criminal acts, the bullying, the intimidating, the contempt of court and police, the women put the artwork back and brightened the bare walls. And the thugs removed it as we were sitting in the sun. The women had to call the police to retrieve it from the closed room with doorknob removed. Original RCRF identifying signs were also replaced in the Reception Center that was made into a messy hall. Culprits are behind lock-out door in illegally constructed wall where Museum is now a warehouse.

Some say the women are dealing with pranksters, but in reality they are dealing with modern day Hamans attempting to exile the women from their majority owned Beit Bnei Rachel, even calling it the Sons of Rachel. And the court has ruled that those who put their names illegally on the tabu are now removed. Hopefully the companies fooled by Elon will recognize their original mandate and reinstate this as a holy place teaching only righteousness with a Cohain minyan, a women’s Midreshet Chaya Rachel and Ruth, a Learning Center, a Museum of Jewish Aliyah and Biblical Art, A Biblical Garden with Chuppah. In reality, the women are dealing with the horrendous issues with the grace of Rachel and Esther. They are continuing their learning groups. They are saying tehillim, thinking and writing. They are learning those who appear to be righteous can be the opposite. They will only profess righteousness.
Esther Cameron, editor of Deronda Review began the Write for Rachel session which will continue every Thursday. She spoke of HaRav Kook and his new spirituality. She said we need to “mend the mind to mend the world. “i She read her poem Hexagon and spoke of our heritage and special women’s wisdom that is geared for making this a better world for own children, the inheritors. Evelyn Haies read two poems, “We Are All Settlers” and “Solomon on Solomon” Our brilliant Atara Gur integrated the teaching of three with so many references to Tanach. We welcome new members and in unity of goal, the giving women will fix the world. RCRF was out fixing on Purim giving Shaloach Manot to the soldiers at the Nachlat Hareidi army base in Arad with Young Israel, giving Shaloach Manos an RCRF 20 year tradition to the soldiers at Kever Rachel and recording the amazing turnout of families bringing their children to the source of Purim, Rachel’s Tomb. Remember Rachel is mother of Benjamin and ancestor of Esther and Mordechai. Yes, she suffered, was silent but cried for goodness, kindness, righteousness for her children. Let her tears still heard today turn to tears of joy and let us know no more Hamans.

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Formed Rachel's Children Reclamation foundation in 1995 to save Rachel's Tomb from Oslo. Succeeded in bringing a Sefer Torah to Kever Rachel 1998, the major owner of the only property in the Rachel Tomb Walled Complex which was donated a Sefer Torah, petitioned for buses, against the wall, started Women's programs, song "We Are Rachel's Children" (c) 1995 DVD 2012. BA. MA history, MFA poetry
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