20’s and 30’s The Most Depressed Generation!

Over 800,000 people per year end their lives due to depression. That’s a shocking number!

Of those that commit suicide, the millennial (20’s-30’s) are at the highest risk. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is that as the world rapidly changes, we either have to keep up and adapt or self destruct. Facebook, Twitter, internet dating, and social media all have added to the challenges we young adults face.

The second reason is that people aren’t having face to face communications especially in interpersonal relationships. Lets take dating for example: It used to be that man asked woman out and either was accepted or rejected. Now, all dating is done online and interaction between the sexes has become shallow. Men and woman respond to this shallowness in a different way. Both ways have now shown to be a cause of depression. One way to date in a better way is to actually go out and meet someone. Studies show that rejection is healthy because it builds character.

A third reason for young adult depression is the political climate. People do not know how to interact with people that have different views, they yell and blame and hide. One way to temper this is actually to sit down and have a conversation with someone that voted for the other party. Sit with that person, even if you don’t feel comfortable. Sometimes, sitting in our own depression will help cure it.

About the Author
Jonah Sanderson is a Los Angeles based Rabbinical student and fervent advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. After the untimely death of his friend in June, Jonah spurred into action creating programs that address how to cope with the biggest epidemic in modern history. In his spare time, he cooks, bakes, and drinks only the best and weirdest craft beer.
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