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22 wishlist

My dad says that every birthday I must make a wishlist according to the number of years I have. So here goes my list.

wishes 1-10: Personal wishes.

wishes 11-20: Professional and academic wishes (including doing my master’s at the Hebrew University)

wish 21: That I get to go to Israel this and next year.

wish 22: I don’t wish for Israel peace, because that’s like wishing your son to get into university when he’s not even born yet. I wish for terrorism to be finally erradicated, so then after that, we can really start thinking about peace and endless happiness.

In my next article I will explain why I can’t wish for peace if the world still funds and supports terrorism.

Me and my 22 will go to have some fun for now, thanks for reading me 🙂

!!שָׁבוּעַ טוֹב

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Ana is a curious girl that ended up spending a year in Israel pursuing a master in Tel Aviv and constantly getting lost in the Old City. She is back in her little corner of South America writing about her random thoughts on unusual topics.
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