Actions speak louder than words

Bennett: Jews in ‘Palestine’ would be killed

Netanyahu: Israel not obligated by US peace plan

These fundamental differences of opinion, each appearing to be indelibly etched on the agendas of all the sides involved, can hardly be construed as effective tools in the search for a peaceful settlement of so many outstanding issues.

Rather they seem to confirm the enormity of the task confronting present negotiations and, most probably, whatever future ones are expected to be coming along in the pipeline.

Since it is not possible to insulate current Israeli-US-Palestinian peace efforts from statements such as these, might it still be feasible to limit their influence, designating them as disagreements best left for some later stage, one when prospects for peace may be very much better and there is less need of strident comment from those of every political wavelength and persuasion?

Sometimes, it may be vitally necessary to contain and isolate a problem by means other than merely trying to shout, talk or otherwise force it into submission. There can be gentler and much more elegant methods.


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