Too much like Sisyphus


‘IAF attacks terror target in northern Gaza Strip’                                   YNet

‘Settlers attack, injure 2 Palestinians near Nablus’                         Maan News Agency: 28.02.2014

Read more: IDF ‘assassinated’ activist, claims Palestinian media Times of Israel: 28.02.2014

‘Israeli forces shoot man near Gaza border’     Maan News Agency: 28.02.2014

‘5 injured by live bullets in clashes following Birzeit funeral’                         Maan News Agency: 28.02.2014

A few examples of incidents and opinions extracted from the Times of Israel News feed, this very day, Friday, 28.02.2014.


These are the sort of items that could easily have been taken from any TOI News feed on almost every day that’s passed since publication first began in 2012.

They are symptomatic of the fact that, over a period of two years, nothing of substance had really changed in the overall scheme of things, a condition which, in all likelihood, will be reflected in many more News feeds well into the future. Check this out next week if verification needed.

Both sides are locked into this situation as it has developed over decades and generations.

Each seems incapable of finding a way out and, even working together in some loose partnership, they cannot move matters much beyond limits imposed by their own narratives and doubts about what an actual peace settlement might do to or for them.

At this stage in the saga, a common enemy would be the ideal solution, someone to close ranks over, to focus and direct all energies and attention away from old rivalries and bad memories.

Unfortunately, there is, at present, no such contender for the role.

So, what about creating one out of the very fabric that permeates all the way through this sorry state of affairs?

Like Sisyphus straining to reach the summit of his mountain, each side must soon realise that conventional efforts to reach their goal will never work.Time then to find another rock, preferably with some power-assistance built into whatever form of locomotion is needed to drive it onward and upward. Why keep insisting on doing things the hard way?

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