Parallel Parasha TAZRIA/ LEPROSY

Friday, April 4, 2014


by Evelyn Hayes
copyright 2014Studying the vort on leprosy, it’s not just the skin.
Watching all the people walk by,
Hardly making an impression
And suddenly an indication
With them there’s something wrong.
Your sense of security feels an impurityLearning of Miriam, a sister like a mother
Who saved her brother;
A child like a prophet,
She admonished her father to not divorce her mother
She scolded her brother who hurt another
Her sense of perfection led to her infection.Analyzing that features on the face portray an attitude
Who is cruel, will steal, betray and be rude.
A stranger like a menace
With skin diseased as if it was just the surface
With diagnosis so obvious
The recognition is a definition more is to the story.

The physical is a mirror of the spiritual behind,
Rash, abrupt, ruptured; soft, calm, pacified, good, kind.
By word of mouth, wrong of hand, a slight mistake
Test of should, would and could makes a difference
With society offended, inequities a consequence
The punishment is isolation and desolation

Socializing requires compromising: some will; some won’t
With the outside closing out
With the inside showing in
Allocations are made for violations
From seven days to more by score
There can be right and the end to blight.

Healing is a matter of behavior
A correction by the Savior.
A selection unselected
When electing good and betterment
When choosing social graces
And ethics as a basis.

About the Author
Formed Rachel's Children Reclamation foundation in 1995 to save Rachel's Tomb from Oslo. Succeeded in bringing a Sefer Torah to Kever Rachel 1998, the major owner of the only property in the Rachel Tomb Walled Complex which was donated a Sefer Torah, petitioned for buses, against the wall, started Women's programs, song "We Are Rachel's Children" (c) 1995 DVD 2012. BA. MA history, MFA poetry