Elizabeth Browder

Why would they leave??

Yesterday, it came out that a Presbyterian leader said that Jews should leave Israel. Reverend Larry Grimm posted on facebook, “America is the Promised Land. We all know this. Come to the land of opportunity. Quit feeling guilt about what you are doing in Palestine, Jewish friends. Stop it. Come home to America!” When I read this, I was shocked. Now that I have had time to think about it, it is the same thing: misunderstanding of what Israel is.

Israel is a multicultural country. There are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists all living together. They work, live and worship in the same country. There are non-Jews in the Knesset. There are non Jewish doctors, laywers etc. This does not mean Israel is perfect by no means. It has its problems.

Rev Grimm would be better served to look at countries where abuses happen to Christian and Jews. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc. Instead he is focusing on the one place where people have religious freedom. I guess it does not bother Rev Grimm that in Iran you can be put to death just for being Christian. I guess it does not bother Rev Grimm that in Saudi Arabia, there are no Christian churches. His biggest worry is about the ONLY democracy in the Middle East.

Jews have done the relocation thing. They have been forced out, by the Babylonians..the Romans. The Nazis tried to remove them from the planet. Why would they listen to him? The US does not have a great history of accepting Jews. The US sent a boatload of them back to Europe to be slaughtered.

The Jewish presence in the Holy Land goes back thousands of years. They are going nowhere, not by the order of Rev Grimm or anyone else.


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