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All topics, have become reduced to keywords, all subjects stripped down to a motif, that’s ok, it’s “todays generation”. Fast & Furious, which, i’m told by the way, in hebrew is hilarious “Fast and seethingly angry”

Anyway, onto my topic of this post, the dangers of trending.

Don’t live a story-by Me

Most people don’t live, most people survive, they just exist, allowing the waters of the world to pass idly by, as they sit in distant reverie, a dazed look of pretense of pleasure upon their faces. As the pages of their lives, rush past in a blaze of ink and fake joy, they are fine, because they are propped up by whatever defence mechanism they can find, and one day, when you hit the ground, you realise there’s something missing.

Most people have given so much power to others in their minds, that they don’t exist, in a cool communist-like state they dwell, where they have allowed themselves to become subservient and docile before the masters of fashion and social influence, and group high-fives, the careful look at each other before letting oneself laugh, to make sure it’s really funny.

In a world thus, friendship, reality, morals, and purpose, all become very scarce. Because no-ones real. You are meant only to be you. Not to say that there can’t be standards and absolutes, and grades and certificates, but that there is and must always be an appreciation for man being unique, for man being a mixture of yes, his experiences and his friends, but also his family, his values, his thoughts, and obviously his actions.

If everyone was the same, the world wouldn’t be boring, the world would not exist. The 70 faces of torah doesn’t mean that if you argue with your rabbi you are right, it means that there are 70 sub-variants of ways of understanding things and translating them to our own lives and circumstances, in order to better comprehend the way of G-d, and live our lives with meaning.

If you react the same way you have reacted always, it is the definition of insanity to expect different results. Start doing things, not because of some reason out there, start investigating yourself and you will find a great many questions.

Questions is at least a good start.

–have a very merry week, and a happy road ahead.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

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