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From a 100-year-old comrade in arms

In a viral message, Great Uncle Max who fought in 1948 says today, unfortunately, it's your turn

My great uncle Max has made history yet again.

He’s 100 years old and still doing his part. This photo of him was recently posted and within one day people that I knew were posting the picture without any knowledge that the picture was my Great Uncle Max.

Now it is being shared over and over with over 1,000,000 Facebook “likes.” We now know for certain his message will reach the soldiers. At age 100 he is still doing whatever he can to support and protect Israel and the troops that fight for its right to exist. Our whole family is so proud of him.

See the translation below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 2.05.04 PM


Shalom Soldiers. I am over a hundred years old! In 1948 — I fought for our home at Tzemah, in the Jordan Valley. In 1956 — In Han Yunis. In 1967 — My son, a sergeant in the Golani Brigade’s 13th battalion [fought] in the Golan Heights. 2008 — My grandson, an officer in the Paratroopers, [fought] in the [Second] Lebanon war. Today, unfortunately, it’s your turn. All I can do is send you this package together with my faithful salutations and blessings. Be strong, be brave


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