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45 Years after the Shah: US’s Middle East Challenge

President Richard Nixon and the Shah of Iran, Oval office, July 24, 1973./ Credit: Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

In the 1400-year history of Islamic Caliphate, it’s evident that the foundational principles of Islam were firmly based on “power and loot”, so, there was no room for ethics, spirituality, or justice. Power was gained at any cost, maintained at any cost, and exploited for profit. Furthermore, all Islamic leaders audaciously but fraudulently claimed to be the Prophet’s successors and representatives of God on Earth.

The “pure Mohammedan Islam” has served as a tool for power struggles and profiteering. Essentially, the history of Islam is nothing but a quest for power, devoid of any genuine religious sanctity.

When the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate ended (1517–1924), it was perhaps assumed that no more Islamic caliphates would arise. However, the 1979 in Iran bore a bitter story. The Marxist-Islamic participants in the Khomeini’s revolt unleashed a demon, causing misery and destruction in Iran and the region, and confronting the world with the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Like the history of Islamic caliphs – Rashidun (4 people), The Umayyad Caliphate (14 people ), The Abbasid of Baghdad (37 people), The Abbasid of Cairo (22 people), The Umayyad of al-Andalus (16 people), The Fatimid of Africa (17 people), and The Ottoman Empire (34 people) – totaling 144 Emirs or ‘Commanders of the Faithful,’ history shows these rulers to be corrupt, degenerate, charlatans, and bloodthirsty. However, Amir al-Mu’minin, a Muslim title meaning ‘Commander of the Faithful’ or ‘Prince of the Believers,’ denotes the supreme leader of an Islamic community.

From another side, In the Christian world, there have been 263 Popes over 2000 years, claiming to be Jesus’ successors. However, the contention for representing God and succeeding Muhammad in Islam is a separate issue. Not even one caliph in this tumultuous history has been killed by non-Muslims.

Throughout these years, the sword has always been in the hands of Muslim caliphs, with mosques serving as their centers of influence. They have used every means for sinister propaganda, even under the guise of charities, economic centers, healthcare, education, lobbying, etc., to promote their mafia.

Among these ‘Amirs,’ some have killed their fathers, brothers, children, or mothers. All these ‘men of God’ have been corrupt, liars, conspirators, criminal, and deceitful. All the internal wars and massacres in the Muslim world have been displays of savagery.

In 1979, before the eyes of the world, especially Jimmy Carter, and a decade before the end of the Cold War and the fall of communism and later apartheid, the current President of the United States, Biden, was active in the fall of Communism and Apartheid, but did little to destroy “Islamic Terrorism” linked to the current Islamic Caliphate in Iran. Before him, Obama wanted to write letters to this “religious octopus” in Tehran, calling him an Ayatollah (means ‘Sign of God‘) but even the Islamic leaders don’t believe in their own fake sanctity. Iranian society also does not trust this fake sanctity.

In front of the eyes of the US Congress, the US Senate, The CIA and the White House in Washington, the Islamic caliphate turned into a religious octopus in Tehran, feeding all terrorist groups in the Middle East. This is an undeniable reality.

In the history of Islamic caliphates, there are strange examples that have been repeated over these 1400 years. For instance, Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, the fifteenth Umayyad Caliph in 685 AD, upon ascending to power, declared from the pulpit: “People, know that during my caliphate, no one has the right to question my actions, and whoever does so will bear the responsibility for his bloodshed.” This Muslim caliph pretended to be religious and read the Quran, but upon becoming caliph, he closed the book and said, “Our next meeting will be at the Judgment Day.” He created the ugliest era of the Islamic caliphate. He even invited and killed his cousin, a rival, at his home, prayed for him in the mosque, and asked, “Should I answer any questions with my sword?” It’s ironic that he was the first Muslim caliph to believe in ‘Enjoining good and forbidding wrong.’

Was this psychopath any different from Khomeini and Khamenei? No. These two mullahs also called themselves champions of Islam. Their entire ambition was to rule an Islamic empire. During the era of ISIS (The Islamic State (ISIS)), the Emir dreamed of an Islamic world.

The Abbasid era was the longest and bloodiest of all Islamic caliphates. 508 years in Baghdad, 260 years in Cairo, where 38 Islamic Emirs in Baghdad and 18 in Cairo, displayed bloodshed, oppression, corruption, hypocrisy, and crime. However, compared to Khomeini and Khamenei, they are a drop in the ocean. The saga of blood and death among these barbaric Islamic Emirs and Supreme Leaders has always continued. If an Umayyad or Abbasid caliph was cunning, lying, ruthless, thieving, and controversial, the same has been repeated in the era of Shiite Islamic caliphate in Iran after 1979.

Throughout Islamic history, there have been numerous fights against Islamic caliphates, mostly originating from within Iran. Alas, 1979 marked an unfortunate transformation in Iran. Two savage and obstinate mullahs brought the civilized country of Iran to decline and ruin.

The Islamic caliphs of Iran in these 45 years, Khomeini and Khamenei, have been inherently heartless, merciless, weak, criminal, bloodthirsty murderers. With their claims of sanctity and spirituality, Iran is now engulfed in chaos.

In conclusion, it must be said that it is regrettable how late the world woke up. When Khomeini wrote the book ‘Velayat-e Faqih‘ in the winter of 1969 and published it in Beirut, perhaps the Mossad read a copy. The CIA did not have a correct analysis; they even visited Khomeini in France. As a result, unlike Mossad, they did not have the foresight to predict the 1979 revolt. The most important intelligence Agency in the world did not know what fate the Islamic Shiite caliphate would bring for American interests in the Middle East.

Apparently, Washington was unaware of Khomeini’s religious fascism, destructive, violent, and extremist ideology. The CIA had no information about Khomeini’s writings and, along with the State Department, collected nonsense from Khomeini’s entourage who shamelessly claimed Khomeini was a mild and moderate person.

The “Islamic Revolution” was also a tasteless and naive joke. In other words, it was a planned psychological warfare and brainwashing. Behind closed doors, a power transition took place with the help of Mosaddeq’s followers. The Islamic card was used in 1979, although the Kremlin seemed happy with the rise of Khomeini and terrorists who trained in Palestinian terrorist camps. Even today, the former KGB colonel – PUTIN– is happy about the ‘success of Islam,’ as the Islamic Republic and North Korea are puppets of him and China.

The Carter administration was indifferent to the overthrow of the late Shah – America and the civilized free West’s loyal friend. Carter’s administration also ignored Khomeini’s propaganda and groundwork. The Muslim Brotherhood supported Khomeini and Khamenei. About 200,000 mullahs in 25,000 mosques and sinister prayer halls cultivated Islamic terrorists. It was the beginning of the dark age.

Historically, it is an undeniable fact that Carter had a fundamental responsibility for the 1979 disaster. Carter, the pastor residing in the White House, called Khomeini a holy man and did not want to see Khomeini’s antics and the disaster of Islamic terrorism in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. The Carters closed his eyes and ears to the lies and propaganda of the mullahs’ evil. In front of the cameras, Carter only prayed and said amen in the face of Khomeini’s evil.

In November 1984, Ronald Reagan said on American television what a disgrace had occurred in American history. Alexander Haig also said: “We were in America that caused the fall of the Shah and sent Iran to the graveyard of history“.

Perhaps the victory of the criminal mullahs was not necessary and mandatory and was a sign of hostility and enmity with the late Shah – America and Europe’s loyal friend and ally. But it seems everyone – even the Arabs – wanted a hypocritical and aimless government to come to power in Tehran. And the security and stability of the region were also sacrificed.

During Carter’s era, an indecisive and will-less Islamic government was paralyzed in front of Khomeini, and Carter, with his wrong calculations and daydreaming politics and shortsightedness, sought friendship and alliance with Khomeini and turned a blind eye to his savagery. As the late Shah said in an interview with The Washington Post, ‘a murderous terrorist and criminal became the leader of a civilized country‘ (June 22, 1980), and Carter did not listen to the Shah’s words. Carter II (Obama) and Carter III (Biden) also adopted the same approach.

Perhaps the plan to overthrow the Shah still torments their conscience. And the US State Department, unknowingly and unaware, was pleased with the Islamic left (reformists). History will write that Democrats wanted to make a wild, uncivilized mullah a holy man. But Carter was not alone, Andrew Young, The US representative to the United Nations praised Khomeini in front of reporters and called him a Saint. And the White House was shocked by this sanctification (The New York Times, June 4, 1989).

Carter’s welcome to Khomeini was the alarm bell of our century. A mullah who called himself Islam. And today, Khamenei also considers himself the knight and cavalier of Islam. More than 144 fake Commanders of the Faithful have come and gone in Islamic history.

Khomeini had a disturbed and warmongering mental structure. He wrote in his book Velayat-e Faqih: ‘Essentially, one of the characteristics of a believer is that they show no emotion in implementing justice.’ (Page 58) From his perspective, the world must be plunged into crisis so that the Islamic revolution (destructive Khomeinism thinking) can be exported to the world! .. In other words, the world became Khomeini’s hostage.

Khamenei has always added fuel to the fire with his extremist views. And still today, Iran and the Middle East are hostage to a mullah like Khamenei. A monster from a transnational network of Islamic terrorism that was unimaginable for the 20th and 21st-century humanity and is still impossible. A wild, anti-law, anti-humanity, and anti-human regime came to power in Iran, causing tension. Iran’s greatness was lost, and the world today is witnessing Iran’s gradual death and destruction. Unless a miracle happens and Iran does not die. The Islamic caliphate structure of Velayat-e Faqih is dragging the region to death.

With this thinking, the 1979 revolt succeeded, and the priority of God’s government on Earth was established, and America and the West should have known what the matter was. But here, the late Shah was right, and great horror faces humanity. But the unbelievable point is that the world was silent.

For Khomeini, war and genocide were a heavenly gift. And when Khamenei proposed the plan of Islamic Jihad (Islamic terrorism) and the plan of Islamic government, the world said nothing, and this closed circle and vicious cycle continued. And the Shiite mullah caused Iran to move towards absolute destruction.

And today, the 1979 disaster in Iran has turned into the emergence of the genocidal sect of Islamic Nazism in the Middle East. Does America and the civilized Western world have the desire for this major surgery? Like communism and apartheid, can Islamic terrorism also be sent to the trash can of history?


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Erfan Fard is a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, Counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and Ethnic conflicts in MENA. \He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA), and is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. Follow him in this twitter account @EQFARD
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