4IR At The Helm Of Global Affairs

Just as your hand, held before the eye, can hide the tallest mountain, so this small earthly life keeps us from seeing the vast radiance that fills the core of the universe.
-Rabbi Nachman of Breslov


It is always good to reflect on ancient wisdom. One of the biggest lessons Humanity has learnt from history is that ‘Humanity has learnt nothing from History’. Remember this. Humans continue to be mediocre and refuse to evolve. We humans have evolved at an extremely slow pace and this long evolution of humans is unfortunately a proof of the fact that ‘Humans have always been mediocre’. We have seen individual intelligence among humans but as a collective group of species we humans are miserably dumb. This also indicates that our education system is largely a failure. Thus religion, orthodoxy and blind faith have no future, if we are to survive on this planet. We need to evolve. Having said that evolution does not mean, harming our existence, harming animals and birds, destroying our own habitat and devastating few natural resources that we have. Unfortunately, this is what we have done so far and the real tragedy is the fact that we call ourselves an intelligent species. None of us can afford to make mistakes with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and thus the very creation of Artificial Super-Intelligence (ASI) based cyber physical systems. We are just a few decades away from reaching a state where Cyber Physical Systems take decentralized decisions and continue to exceed expectations.


Great leaders like the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu have a lot to contribute to this radical change in the industry. It’s already happening. The world’s first “Forest City,” created to fight pollution, is now under construction in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, China. Things don’t end here, Xi Jinpings leadership assures a better future for China thanks to optimal utilization of Solar Energy for power and transportation among thousand other initiatives to promise a green future for the next generation of China. Israel has been a land of Innovation, thanks to Netanyahu’s deep insights to stabilize a stagnant economy and generate ideas for a better future. At last but not the least, the kind of reforms that Vladimir Putin was able to achievements are second to none in Russia. Putin’s achievements start right from making the whole government lean, getting rid of unnecessary bureaucracy, trying to erase corruption from its very roots, getting a stark reduction in overall taxation for corporates and trying to create a modern free society with focus on human welfare although transparency might be a missing, considering a communist rule. Those GDP growth charts and social reforms speak a lot for these leaders. All these great leaders have supported the very ideology of ‘State First’.  State first was a great ideology for a country to be successful but now with 4IR it will fail. We need to collaborate even closer and have a new ideology ‘Earth First, State Second’.

Let us not forget that one of the countries could soon reach ASI and this will have serious consequences unless we collaborate. 4IR will be least forgiving. Yes, it is required. All previous industrial revolutions have caused much harm to our planet. I strongly support the fourth one and I believe we can do much better now instead of regretting later. Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems headless, at the moment. It is evolving but not at the pace an evolved species would expect. 4IR expects a lot from AI.


4IR will also demand Society 5.0. We just can’t afford to have orthodoxy and blind faith on this planet. In a world dominated by intelligent personal assistants, autonomous vehicles and drones, religion must take the back seat and remain a personal identity if required, not a state identity. Culture must evolve. What shall lead human race are human values, many times taken from same religious scriptures which have been abused, manipulated and misused by our leaders, politicians and industrialists.  Language could become a thing of the past where we could create one global language sooner than we think. Till we reach that stage, robots and other highly intelligent personal assistants would help us communicate in countries where it was once impossible to communicate. 4IR is here to define the purpose of life, improve the quality of life, reduce inequality among humans, reduce excess human population and raise life experiences. The question is, are we ready to evolve as a better species?

Thanks to China Global Television Network and Pixabay.com for the lovely images!

About the Author
Vinay Lohar is an ISMS, IT & Management expert, Adventurer, Photographer and Food Connoisseur He received his Masters of Business Administration from Jodhpur National University. He was an international Information Security and Data Privacy Consultant at Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany for 3 years. He also worked as a Risk Manager for Amazon.com and managed an internal business team for the EU region for Transaction Risk Management. Vinay currently works as a Manager for Information Security and Cyber Security with Siemens, a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.