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5 kids’ bedroom tips that make a difference

With bedrooms and space more limited here in Israel than many of us are used to, it’s hard to imagine how everyone can live in harmony when the kids share a room or their room is small.

The question is; how as a parent can we create the right kind of atmosphere to support each of our children, their space, their privacy and their functional needs.

Often we don’t think of the term ‘feng shui’ when we think of childrens bedrooms, but here are a few elements that can be used to create that sanctuary for your child.

  1. Bed in command position: when a child has eye contact with the door, they are more confident and don’t have to be worried about being surprised of taken off guard. The placement of the bed should allow eye contact.
  2. Defining the bedroom: the bedroom functions best when it can be defined as just that. Not a play room or homework area. There are so many distractions in our kids lives, conscious and subconscious, even if there is some homework left on the table, that’s what they will go to sleep thinking about, or a game they wanted to play. Keep it simple. Keep it defined.
  1. Decluttering: kids have stuff, often way more stuff than you ever expected (am I right?!) but that can be embraced and celebrated (Even if it is a rock collection from the park.)  That being said, there is a great way to store these things without it looking like a mess. A set of small labelled boxes with lids or set of drawers for their “special stuff” this gives them a place without making the bedroom look like a storage closet. It’s also easy to clean up.
  1. Healthy habits: Make beds, open curtains and windows. Great skill to learn while young. It creates order and a pleasant space to return to after a long day at school, plus it allows fresh air to flow through ready for sleep!
  1. Empowering the kids, style, look, vibe, color, mirror. The kids’ room doesn’t have to match the design of the house, give them a little free range to express themselves, by choosing the room color, art work, inspiring sentences. A great idea is also a full-length mirror, not too big, but it can be a great confidence booster.
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Shana Cohen Founder of Sunshine Interiors, was born and raised in Sydney, Australia moved with her family as a teenager to Israel where she now lives and works in Jerusalem. She studied Art History at Hebrew University combining this degree with a three year program of Interior Architecture. Her love of art and design helped her to graduate at the top of her class. Since 2009, Shana has been channeling her creativity as an interior designer, assisting her clients to maximize their home environment to be functional, aesthetic and comfortable. She bases her vision on the needs and vision of her clients offering her original ideas and practical expertise. Shana has an eye for detail, and her designs are carefully considered and well thought out. Her design methodology integrates the balance of materials with eco-friendly principles and she often applies elements of Feng Shui in accordance with the needs of each individual client.
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