5 ways to beat the fast when it’s going slow

Fasting is always difficult but Tisha B’av and Yom Kippur always seem to be the ones everyone seems to struggle as no one knows what to do for 24 hours. So let’s see what the 5 best ways are now a day to beat the fast.

#5 Television

TV is great but I put this at the bottom of my list, I always find whenever you’re fasting, all that’s ever playing on TV is fast food Adverts and those are just the worst. Just when you feel ok, you’re lying on the couch doing your own thing, not thinking about food, BAM! There’s a fast food advert telling you about this big juicy burger and chips and then to top it off a bottle of coke. That’s why TV is number 5

#4 Cell phones

Why struggle alone when you can struggle over cell phone social media. Social media these days seems to be the answer to everything. Whenever you get hungry or feeling the heat you make a support group where no one has to see you but you can all have a good laugh at each other listening to everyone else’s problems. Cell phones also seem to grab a lot of time because you can start a conversation and then depends how much you like the person you can look at the time and be like “wow has it been 4 hours already!” Unfortunately this is not very social at all.

#3 Movies, Series and Sleeping

These are definitely popular options which everybody enjoys. What’s more relaxing than lying on your bed, opening up your laptop, watching a movie or series and falling in and out of sleep. This truly is a great way to spend a fast, it deals with time moving past, no one bugging you and getting some well-deserved sleep and it definitely works for a lot of people. (if I didn’t have to work, I think this is what I’d do) however there is always a down side to this, when you wake up your always hungry or thirsty and secondly you develop FOMO (fear of missing out) unfortunately that’s the society we live in and that’s why I only rank it number 3.

#2 Hanging out with friends.

This is a fantastic idea especially for those who have difficulty fasting as can be around those who they care about you, talk rubbish all day long and watch the time fly. What’s also great is you land up pulling out those cards and board games that you always say wow that used to be such an awesome game when I was young and then you realise, wow it still is. That is why this is number two because there’s nothing better than hanging out with your friends and having an awesome time.

#1 Candy Crush

Coming in at number 1 most definitely has to be candy crush at the moment. Most addictive, annoying, exciting, self-absorbing, mind blowing and frustrating game ever. Once you start this game there is no stopping. I myself are amongst many who have started playing and then 6 hours later find themselves still playing. This game is most probably the most addictive game I’ve ever played and there’s no going back. Once you’re playing, your fasting anyway because you feel as if you leave your computer or cell phone, that could have been the time you beat the level or when you want to go to sleep you like, no let me play one more, just one more… (And the sun starts rising) In the world today Candy Crush undeniably makes my number one way to beat the fast.

Have a good and easy fast everyone

About the Author
Gary Aberman is the heart of Zionist youth in South Africa, breaking the news first and getting rid of the lies. He forms part of Betar and is on a mission, to show the world how great Israel is and why he has such a love for the country he calls home.