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7 Israeli Companies That Have Gone International

These days, all companies want to move beyond their borders as foreign markets offer plenty of room to grow.

From adapting social strategies to translating content across multiple languages, there are a number of things that companies need to accomplish to succeed in international markets. Most companies understand competition can become stiff – especially in unknown waters. But, by taking positive steps to overcome various obstacles, these companies can flourish and create a solid presence for themselves internationally.

Global presence is possible for any company with a creative marketing strategy and an understanding of the various international markets. To give you an idea of what great expansion looks like, we’ve gathered a list of seven Israeli brands that have gone international.


SeatPick is a ticket price comparison site that allows visitors to find sport, concert and theatre event tickets across Europe in one place. With SeatPick, visitors can search and compare tickets from the largest and safest markets to obtain the best value for money. With their easy-to-use technology, SeatPick aims to create a simple ticket buying experience, that not only makes buying a ticket easier but also saves the user from having to search all over the web. Their technology presents visitors with a fairer solution when searching for tickets, by being transparent and informing visitors of exactly what they are paying for – so there won’t be any surprises or hidden fees when it comes to paying.


Gett is a global ride-sharing network of taxi drivers spanning over 120 cities. They aim to take transportation to the next level and ensure the highest quality for both drivers and passengers. They believe that if we treat drivers better, they will deliver the best rides to the passengers.  With excellent hourly rates, in-app tipping, and 27/7 live support, Gett is driving towards a positive change and improved experience.


Zooz is an global open payments platform that is built for growth, optimization, and flexibility for e-commerce businesses. With just one integration, users can connect to multitudes of providers giving businesses flexibility and an in-depth look at their entire payments activity. With this, businesses are able to dig deeper into data insights and sport what areas need more focus for increased revenue.


Taboola is a content discovery platform that is engineered to drive marketing results.  With Taboola, users can not only find and engage with relevant global publishers but also, meet any KPI and other marketing goals. Ultimately, users will be able to build brand awareness, generate quality leads, grow revenue, and increase website traffic – all with video and content placements.


Glide is a messaging app that leverages the power of in-the-moment video to capture human communication. The app collapses time and distance, enabling ongoing communication between users. With glides innovative cloud-based technology, video recipients can watch videos live, store for free on the app’s cloud, and re-watch anytime. Glide aims to dramatically improve face-to-face communication worldwide, and strengthen relationships regardless of time and place.


Moovit is a public transportation app that helps users navigate around in over 2200 cities in the world. Public transit is an integral part of urban living, and with Moovit users can travel stress-free by getting updated bus and train times, transit maps, real-time arrivals, get-off alerts, and more. Moovit aims to let people travel around with confidence and plan trips smoothly and efficiently. 


Walkme is a digital adoption platform (DAP) that uses technology to change the way businesses overcome challenges internally. With the exponentially increasing capabilities of today’s innovations, there are growing challenges that companies face, but with Walkme, businesses can improve their business capabilities and rather than keeping up with new innovations, they can improve capabilities to ensure they don’t fall behind. For every new technological feature that a company adopts, rather than learning the system, Walkme’s DAP takes care of it, freeing the user to use the technology in a fast and efficient way. With clients all over the world, Walkme has successfully managed to integrate into various international markets. 

So there you have it, these seven Israeli companies took the risk and went global. With all the complexities of language and cultural barriers, it’s not easy for companies to find their footing. But, when they do, they are not only perceived as valuable players in the field but also, manage to build a stronger brand and name for themselves.

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