70 Years on from Anne Frank’s Capture … Whats changed!? Tisha B’Av

Only a few minutes ago I read a tweet on Twitter which stated that it is 70 years to the day since Anne Frank was captured by the Nazis. In the last few weeks as Israel has finally and actively retaliated to the hundreds of rockets fired daily into Israel, anti-Israel protests around the world have taken on the guise of anti-semitic demonstrations. Germans calling for, “Jewish pigs to come outside and face them”, French people demanding, “our return to the gas chambers”, numerous others around the world aligning Israel with Nazi Germany and so on and so forth,

70 Years ago, Anne Frank was in hiding, 70 years ago to this day, she was snatched from her home and sent off to her death, and 70 Years on from such a tragic day, the last few weeks in Israel has seen the murder of 3 innocent Israeli children. If that wasn’t enough, since then, 64 innocent souls have been killed whilst fighting for the existence of our homeland, a war we never wanted, but one that was waged because our enemy refuses to believe in the right to our existence. And yet again just last weekend, one more soldier was captured, dying in the process.

This really sent shivers down my spine, I really question whats changed in the last 70 years.  Perhaps anti-semitism was subdued for a while but it is now seemingly returning as a result of Israel’s actions and Israel’s obligation to protect its citizens. Within the time it has written me to write this blog, I also tweeted, “70 years ago today Anne Frank captured by Nazislast few months 4 kidnappings of Israelis/anti semitism on rise RT”. The Tweet has already been met with responses to the affect of the IDF is a nazi army and therefore we are deserving of this. I look all over my news feed on Facebook and its full of rallies and demonstrations, in which the chant, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free”is chanted harrowingly by thousands of people. Most of them probably not even fully understanding they are calling for the complete annihilation of the Jewish people. It really makes you wonder …

In my opinion the future is a sad one, anti-semitism has now reappeared, (i don’t believe it ever really went away), and the only stronghold we have is Israel and thank god for it. Israel will protect Jews and Israelis all over the world. They have warned Europe that should they fail to protect Jews, they will not hesitate to do the job for them. Within a few hours the fast of Tisha B’Av will commence. The day in which we commemorate the destruction of the first and second temple and a day which is considered to be the saddest day in Jewish history, as numerous tragedies and massacres occurred on it. And most recently, a day in which a terrorist in a tractor overturned a bus killing one person, and a terrorist on a bike shot at a soldier. This fast I will be thinking constantly of how thankful I am that we now have the most amazing, beautiful and powerful state of Israel to call home. Thank God we have the IDF that fights for us, protect us and allows us to be Jewish. If it wasn’t for Israel and our amazing defence force I really wonder what state the Jewish religion would be in – and unfortunately, i don’t believe it would be a good one!

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It has always been Ronen's dream to serve in the IDF and now he is finally pursuing it as a future lone soldier in the Garin Tzabar program.
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