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75 years after Hiroshima, Trump threatens war crime and again the world is silent

The monster in the White House threatens: “If Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites,” Trump wrote. “Some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD.”

It is a war crime and a crime against humanity to target civilians. The mantra ‘never again’ became hollowed out once more when the US president threatened to top Hiroshima and the world said nothing.

I demand a storm of protests against this evil promise.

Further, it doesn’t work to threaten dictators to kill their civilians. They don’t care about them. It’s like threatening someone to kill their head lice.

Last but not least, we learn from the junta in Gaza that fundamentalist Islamic dictators love it when you kill their own. The ‘victims’ go to heaven as martyrs and their reign is fortified as fighting killers of holy people.


Talking of the WW II. Again the world, including the US, stands by while the Iranian regime threatens to annihilate the only Jewish State and races to produce atomic weapons — Heaven forbid. The only State to promise it won’t happen is Israel. Again, our very lives are at risk while the rest stands by and watches. 75 years after Auschwitz, antisemitism is alive and kicking.


The assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was not just taking care of the world’s greatest terrorist alive and of the # 2 of Iran. It was a humiliation. That’s how Trump meant it and that’s how it’s perceived. And that is why it will be their honor to try and kill ‘in revenge.’ To undo their loss of face. And of course ‘to consecrate’ the villain.

The thin-skinned US commander-in-chief clearly was enraged by the US embassy assault, wanting to retaliate. And he’s always in overkill mode. The excuse that that mob’s boss was the world’s number one terrorist, plotting imminent attacks, had killed 100s of USers, was all just pretext. Meanwhile, he endangered all Americans and all Jews for his own ego. The targeted killing had no calculated risk and had no plan for any fallout.

The problem of the Trump White House is not that that the boss is a bad negotiator or a bad strategist but that he’s both. He acts like a chicken with its head cut. He wants to be unpredictable. But he is rather erratic like a madman. Not from strategic calculation but from capriciousness.

To realize how much he blundered, look at these ‘goals’ he has laid down: Get the Nobel Peace Prize, bring the troops home (the Kurds; he now had to send extra troops out), end the endless wars (just started one), bring peace to the Middle East, America first (let the world figure itself out).

The solution to how to deal with individual rogue people and regimes is to corner them. But don’t threaten them when they still have a comeback.

Also, if you want good and threaten “if you misbehave, I’ll do something terrible” you create a lose-lose scenario against you. If the other’s ‘bad,’ you either follow up and lose (to keep it good) or you won’t and lose too.

What payback do I expect from Tehran? If they w/could respond in kind, they should aim at USA’s number two, the US VP. But in a wish to outdo the US, they’d rather hit Trump. With a few rockets to Tel Aviv on the side. (No Islamic terrorist will aim at Jerusalem because their missiles are too imprecise and they would not risk hitting the Al-Aqsa Mosque.) If they can’t achieve that, they might shoot down a passenger plane over the US.

Concerning the fears of war: the problem with fear that it’s almost always about past fears and seldom about reality or the future. Terrorists have shown how to wage war without war. Murdering people left, right, and sideways without ever declaring an armed conflict. This is how they so far have been getting away with crimes against humanity (targeting civilians).

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