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Yendi Valdes for 90 Seconds of Tech
Yendi Valdes for 90 Seconds of Tech

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As the seasons change from Summer to Fall, it is only fitting that large tech manufacturers begin to show off their new products to the world in hopes of making good Holiday and End of the Year sales.  The iPhone 5c and 5s were unveiled this week.  A lower cost iPhone 5C at about 100 dollars with 16 Gigs of storage – is exactly like the iPhone 5 but with better camera features.  The new iPhone’s camera upgraded from  8-megapixels in the iPhone 5 to a one and half larger sensor area, with an Apple-designed lens with f/2.2 aperture.  According to the presentation in Cupertino, CA it also does auto-focus matrix metering.  When you take a photo, the camera takes multiple photos and selects the sharpest one for you to see.  There’s a new flash called True Tone, with dual-LED, offering the best possible picture in low light.  The camera also has image stabilization as well as a new 10-shot burst mode.  The new camera will do slow-motion, shooting at 720p and 120 frames per second. Users can go in and select the parts of the video they’d like in slow motion and pick the ones they want to keep normal.  The 199.99 32 Gig iPhone 5S model with a first-of-its-kind 64-bit A7 processor is available in Gold, Silver and Bronze colors. Apple claims the 5S is twice as fast as the A6 processor found in the iPhone 5 in terms of computer and graphics performance.

The FBI Cyber Division has issued an alert to media outlets to beware compromise by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). This comes after a series of hacks on Twitter of the New York Times and, more recently the Reporter Telegram. Part of the advisory reads – “the SEA has been highly effective in compromising multiple high-profile media outlets.”  The full advisory is available at http://publicintelligence.net/fbi-sea/.

Did you know that on Amazon.com you can pay $79 bux a year for their Amazon Prime membership and rent out an e-book without charge once a month from their Kindle Lending Library?  There is a problem trying to find a link to the actual catalog on their site.  Check out my next video on finding the Library Lending Catalog link on Amazon.com.

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