Esor Ben-Sorek

900 Down. 100 More To Go (?)

For many years I had been writing published articles for a lovely overseas Jewish magazine. And then, one day, my beloved late wife discovered the TIMES OF ISRAEL and suggested that I write articles for it.

“How many”, I asked? And she smiled and replied “Try for 1000”.

Just a few days prior to her death in 2016 she made only 3 requests of me.

1) Don’t re-marry.
2) Take care of our children and grandchildren.
3) Remember your promise to keep writing for the TIMES OF ISRAEL. It will be good therapy for you.

I am keeping my promise. This is my 900th article. 100 more to go if I live long enough.

My beloved wife was correct. The writing has been very good therapy for me albeit I have still not recovered from Rahel’s death. Memories of her burn deep in my heart.

Since our marriage in Tel-Aviv in 1960 we had been bonded as one soul. In September 2016 the bond was cut into half, never to be repaired or replaced.

The New Year is a time to cherish memories and to extend good wishes to all near and dear to us.

It is, therefore, that I dedicate this brief article in honor of my two very devoted editors, Miriam and Anne. Without their guidance and constant help many…perhaps most…of my creative writing would not see the printed light of day. God bless them.

There is no secret to my lack of knowledge of computers, I-phones and any technology developed within the past twenty years. I am completely computer illiterate.

When I cry for help, Miriam and Anne are prompt to come to my rescue. God will reward them for their kindness to an old dummy.

I am also very grateful to my readers who take time to respond to something I have written. It pleases me to know that my words resonate with many readers…. positive or negative…. their messages are always welcome.

I am troubled by our system of government. We have far too many political parties. Four, I think, would be sufficient… right, left, religious and Arab. We need no more than those four. The present twenty-nine parties is ludicrous. Unheard of in any other country on the globe.

Many years ago I voted for Likud. Things have changed. In particular, the leader of Likud, our longest-serving prime minister, has become a chameleon saying yes at one o’clock and changing it to no at three o’clock. His word is no longer to be trusted.

52% of our citizens vocally want him to step out of office. Thirteen years of a one-man rule is thirteen years too many.

The United States constitution allows a president only two terms in office. The one exception was a third term for president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And that was only because America was still at war.

There is no reason why we in Israel cannot pass a law limiting the terms a prime minister can have.

Too much power, too great an ego bent upon personal desires without respect to the public who votes, leads to autocracy and even dictatorship. We know such examples from many other countries.

In a very few more days, Binyamin Netanyahu, accompanied by his multi-million costly legal aides will stand before our respected Attorney General Mandelblit for a preliminary hearing prior to an official indictment on several criminal charges.

Of course there is a way for him to avoid the hearing, postponing it for a more opportune time while he continues to keep his seat warm in the Knesset.

He could, for example, suddenly develop chest pains, possibly a minor heart attack due to the pressures and tensions he has endured. At the hospital, friendly doctors will give him several EKG examinations and, finding nothing serious, would recommend lots of bed rest or perhaps relaxation in a sunny spot on the Sinai peninsula.

With Bibi, nothing is impossible. Especially if the plans are devised by his ever-domineering wife.

This 900th article wishes good luck and great success to our hopeful new prime minister, Benny Gantz. Perhaps the sun will shine brighter in the halls of our legislation.

In Israel, now as in ancient days, miracles do often happen. I’m hoping for one very soon.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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