A Blogger’s Reward

Well I tried to make it to Jerusalem for the TOI bloggers social…I failed.

When I say I tried I mean I made a couple of Facebook attempts to score a ride there, even changing my beloved Facebook status to plead for a ride there to no avail.

After arriving home from work and passing out on the couch for a while I decided to take the plunge and rent a bike for the ride to the bus station, I would be late but not that late.

So I went to rent one of those green bikes you might have seen just about everywhere in Tel Aviv. Naturally the bike I picked refused to be released from the station, a phone call to the management later and I was driving a different bike, with broken gears and a light that occasionally came on over to Arlozarof station to get the bus to the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Upon my arrival I searched around for a place to lock up the bike and to my eternal surprise actually found one without too much trouble. I made my way to the ticket office and unsurprisingly found the shutters pulled down and the door firmly locked. Having had 2,500NIS stolen from my account (yes crime does actually exist in Tel Aviv) cash was not an option and my gamble had come up short.

I rode home, tail between legs on another green bike that had a seat fixed in the perfect position for an 8 year old girl to ride. I tried to find someone to crash into on the way back but didn’t managed it. God dammit! I tried though.

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada