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A cancer called Qatar is destroying the American mind

This morning, an article in the New York Post reports how at PS 261, a public elementary school in Brooklyn, a Qatar-supplied map of the Middle East erases Israel entirely and labels it Palestine. The Post further reports that PS 261 and PS 30, also in Brooklyn, received $241,000 from the Qatar Foundation International, to fund dual-language Arabic programs. The QFI also “donated” more than $275,000 in 2021, and over $513,000 in 2022, to the New York City Department of Education.

If a couple of public schools in Brooklyn enjoy such largesse from the funders of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, we can rest assured that this money serves a very particular agenda, namely to occupy the youngest American minds with a pro-Islamist and anti-Israel orientation.

While the sums involved are significant for a local public school, they are but a drop in the bucket of Qatar’s long-term vision and highly successful strategy of purchasing American educational institutions and harnessing them to a global treadmill of hostility to Western values and unbridled antisemitism.

The virulent hatred unleashed on American campuses since October 7th was neither spontaneous nor ad hoc. Indeed it has been carefully seeded and plotted over the course of the past several decades with Qatari money.

The proliferation of Near Eastern Studies departments at key American universities is largely a Qatari venture. Hundreds of millions have been shrewdly invested in implanting partisan professors for whom teaching is a false front for the more important project of fomenting hatred of Israel on campus. Furthermore, the seemingly spontaneous matriculation of thousands of Palestinian and other foreign Muslim students on American college campuses should be investigated. Surely there aren’t thousands of Palestinian parents who have the wherewithal to ship their children to American colleges that cost $60,000 a year.

It is difficult to grasp how foreign undergraduates, far from their comfort zone, hardly acclimated to American college culture, and still in need of remedial English, could be so brilliantly organized, battle-ready and capable of influencing the actions of their American peers.

But it all makes sense when we realize that none of this is an accident. That these students, like those Near Eastern Studies professors, are soldiers in a Qatari-funded fifth column whose sole raison d’etre is to program American minds to think and act against America’s interests, values and allies.

The big question is how did America allow this to happen? How can it be that American public schools, education departments and universities allow themselves to be all bought and paid for by Middle East oil money? Can this even be legal? Which normal country allows itself to be corrupted by such tainted agenda-driven cash?

It is high time American governments at every level – municipal, state and national – wake up to the cancer called Qatar. Because Qatar is no friend of the United States, and no friend of freedom and democracy. It is the prime funder of Hamas and of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood which is the very godfather of global Sunni terrorism.

At present it may seem as if only Israel is in the crosshairs. Such a view is myopic. The demise of Israel is merely their first step.

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J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.
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