A Desperate Plea from an “Infidel”: The Real Allah is Creation, not Destruction!

I beg all “infidels”: Please HELP THE ARAB WORLD. It is in dire need of our kind of spiritual help.

Let us stop and reflect on the ongoing deadly religious conflicts between Shias and Sunnis, and both against the rest of the infidel world: They kill each other without shame, and without remorse. They bomb one another, without mercy, and without relief. They scream: “Allah Akbar” while killing – defacing the very Image of Allah.

Animals of the jungle kill each other for the same reasons humans do – or is there a difference?

Animals do not create weapons. Humans on the other hand, fire their murderous guns like fireworks starring the night canvas above, bringing nothing but killing, destruction, and suffering, all in the name of Allah.

So, let us help stop the madness.

What is perhaps the most misunderstood phenomenon is that the Islamic / Arab World have lost their Moral Compass, and their own “sacred reality.” They cannot bear the Idea to ask the “Infidels” for spiritual help and civil management to find their honorable place in a peaceful world. Instead, they scream foul incrimination, discrimination, and Inshallah, in the name of Allah… Allah Akbar.

Destruction and killing in the name of Allah? It’s folly, it’s a sin, it is Haram!!

Crying Allah Akbar is okay of course, when Allah is understood as a simple Idea: Creation in Action – with no need for human interference. Not by the sword, daggers, or showers of missiles galore. Allah’s business is nobody’s business. Not yours, and not the “Infidel’s.” So leave it to the Akbar, Allah- Zaman.

We the “Infidels” beg of the Muslim world: Until you are on the side of Creation, leave Allah alone!

Once Allah is understood as the Creation Process – the transition from Zero to One to Zero, i.e. from Nothing to Something to Nothing – there will be no need for endless emotional rage, and endless contradicting Fatwas. Let those who understand the mechanics of Creation show the way to those who seek understanding of the real power Allah, the Creator of Infinite Possibilities, every millisecond.

Let us wake up the world to the new dawn of understanding and show them how Baby Bangs can create a universe!

Whether you call it Allah, God, Yahweh, or Mr. Voodoo, they’re all the same: A universe of Eternal Creation. There’s no need for the “human” race to race against the infinite power of Time and Timing. Time Creates and Destroys via Timing, maintaining a perfect neutral Nature of equilibrium.

“Infidels” of the world – Christians and Jews – will be happy to show Islam the way to a better management of natural resources, to the benefit of all. Prosperity and betterment of life depends on management of collective human resources, and refreshment of the Soul. Let us side-step politics and lend our intellectual resources to overcome misleading error-ridden human belief systems. Let us lend a hand in the management of domestic affairs of those nations currently rough sailing a “ship of fools.”

Violence self-destructs! History attests to the rise and fall of militaristic empires. Ruthless leaders vanished no less than their victims. REMEMBER!

What needed is a true helping hand. Can you imagine each nation lending a hand to another nation, people helping people solely for the sake of deriving the joy that naturally comes with extending a helping hand – for creativity rather than for destruction? Imagine Allah’s Creative Peace affecting humanity’s Peace of Mind?

Islam is in a dire need for just such a helping hand, and the “infidels” will be happy to step in, peacefully.

It has been said: “Ask, and you shall be given.” Here come the “Infidels,” asking to be given the opportunity to free the “martyrs,” the suicide bombers, and the hostages of violent minds.

Let us help them out of their mental caves, where history is held hostage, crying for fresh air and refreshing sun. Let us help stop the fighting, stop being pushed by demagogues and profiteer selling their explosives Ideals, Nuclear weapons, Hydrogen bombs, Dirty bombs, and missiles painted with false flowers galore.

Salam is Muslim.

Islam urgently, and desperately is in NEED of SALAM. Shalom, and Peace of Mind.

Lies no longer fly.

About the Author
Edmond Cohen was born in Baghdad in 1935 and lived 14 years in Iraq, 14 years in Israel, and 7 years in Canada, before moving to Venice, California. In the process, he has adopted a universal philosophy and understanding of the Creation processes, via understanding Time and Mind.