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A Gift Befitting A Righteous People And Land Such As Ours

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe things happen for a reason? How’s America doing with its minorities these days? How about Germany? France? Belgium? What about India? Anyone heard of the Uighurs in China? Does it seem to you like there’s a major problem in the world with how minorities of all stripes are treated today? And here we are, Israel, the supposed light unto the nations, with our own minority problems, with the chance to set an example to the world, and the best we can come up with is “throw all the minorities into another country so we don’t have to deal with them.” Is that really the best we can do?  Is it really that or disappear?
If we lead with something righteous and ethical and just, the whole world will follow. The world needs us now more than ever. It is our responsibility as Jews.  I know our hasbarah masters always say that we just want to be like everybody else. But deep down, we know that’s not really true. We know we’re different. We may not want to be. We may be tired of it. We may be scared, emotionally drained, intellectually fatigued. But remember when America was founded? They did something truly creative and new. And the world took notice. They thought of themselves as the new Promised Land. For real. There was no Israel at that time. They were Christians, basically the new Jews in their own eyes, and they believed that God himself had blessed their new land. Where do you think “God bless America” comes from? And now, here we are, the real Israel – in the real Promised Land – and all we have to offer anyone is “please just let us be like everyone else?!”
If we take our minorities, in all the land under our purview, and show the world how it is possible to give them respect, freedom, honor and dignity while at the same time maintaining our own state and culture – if we rise up from the fear that doing so will somehow destroy us, which is at the root of so much racism in so very many countries today – if we do that… well, that would truly be a gift to the world.  A gift befitting a righteous people and land such as ours.
About the Author
Adam Brodsky is an interventional cardiologist who made Aliyah with his wife and four children in 2019, from Phoenix, AZ. He holds a combined MD/MM degree from Northwestern University and the J L Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and a Bachelors degree in Jewish and Near Eastern Studies from Washington University in St Louis. He is saddened by the state of civil discourse in society today and hopes to engage more people in honest, nuanced, rigorous discussion. An on-line journal about his Aliyah experience can be found at
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