A Gift From Trump

A Gift From Trump

Today, 5 November 2020, two days following a heated American election, I received in postal mail a letter together with an attached gift.

The large manila envelope was addressed to me by my name and address with the return address of The White House, Washington, DC.

Surprised and stunned I opened the envelope gently and removed a letter to me, on official White House stationery.

The message thanked me for my writing and for my support “which means a great deal to me” and it was signed ( or rather scribbled) below with the famed signature of Donald J. Trump.

The very large portrait-photo of President Trump, attached to the letter, was likewise signed by the American President.

“Tzchok ha goral”… fate was smiling. To receive this gift after only two days of an election whose fate, as I write this article, has not yet been determined nor resolved.

I had no idea that President Trump reads the TIMES OF ISRAEL. Doubtless, he had seen several of my articles which were favorable to him. Articles of interest, positive or negative, which appear in the foreign press are brought to his attention by members of the White House staff.

If I had written an article today, describing the shame of the 2020 election, there is no doubt that my article would not have met with favor in his tearful eyes. Tearful and fearful of the yet un-announced fate.

All day the major names of states that I could hear were Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. The remaining 46 American states were brushed under the carpets.

Win or lose, Joe Biden has made American political history. He has received more votes than any president of the United States in the past 245 years.

I must say, to the credit of President Trump, he has the courtesy to respond to people who have exalted his name and his political success.

As for Israeli great leaders, I have signed framed photos of President Zalman Shazar and Prime Minister Menachem Begin hanging with much pride on my “wall of fame”.

Today’s America is wrapped in confusion. Trump accuses Biden and Biden accuses Trump. Trump besmirches American democracy by condemning the electoral process even while he is taken to task by many leading members of his own political party. No previous president in America’s history has spoken so ill of his country’s election results . But it is best for me to remain silent lest President Trump will ask me to return his signed photo.

Can a President do that? I think not lest he be called “a sore loser” by those millions who did not vote for him.

In the President’s letter to me, he wrote “As President, I will always work to uphold the rule of law, keep the American people safe, and strengthen our great Nation… tirelessly working on behalf of every citizen to create opportunity and promote the values that define our Nation.”

Can any one in Israel imagine such a letter from the indicted Netanyahu?

Donald Trump’s success or failure will be announced within a few hours… possibly even before this article reaches my editor’s desk.

In his concluding statement, President Trump promises that “we will build a brighter future for all Americans”.

Can Bibi make such a promise for a brighter future for all Israelis?

Not in your wildest dreams, I am sorry to say.

Bibi should have taken lessons in sane politics from his American “best friend”.

Maybe friends no more.

It may now be time for the two “B’s” Bibi and Biden ?

As the Biden victory appears close, the terribly sick remarks of President Trump a few hours ago indicate clearly that he has gone beserk in lies and false accusations. He sounds more and more like a certain Israeli prime minister every day. He will not concede defeat and after January, when his term expires, it may be necessary to have the state police escort him out of the White House. Hopefully and shamefully, not in visible handcuffs. What is happening to the once united United States? Shame on it today.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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