A Good Day for the BDS

The BDS are not as stupid as they look. This morning’s Woolworths “Shareholder Meeting” was a smart move and it should be acknowledged as such. The meeting was publicized as being a Woolworths Shareholder Update, and many mainstream News Reporters, thinking that it was one called for by Woolworths themselves, decided to attend this event. What the meeting turned out to be, was a standard BDS Racist Jewish Hate Event, complete with the exiled and sad Jew or two in residence to “prove” just the opposite. It was clever and it got them the attention that they sought. It consisted of a panel of the BDS, s Jewish Mascot, a so called Shareholder and the impressive COSATU.

Of course anyone can be a shareholder of a public company, so they didn’t lie. But no one could accuse them of gross honesty.

And it worked. Media, in love with the conflict, poured into the room and once captive, had little choice but to listen to the BDS weave its narrative into its agenda. How proud they must be. I can see them celebrating their victory as we speak over their freshly carved pig’s head because this is a game to them. They are frustrated activists and for them there is nothing better than a cause to keep them pumped up and happy. And if you can disseminate anti Semitism along the way, all the better.

For some reason these bleeding hearts neglected to condemn this morning terror attack at a Synagogue, where at least four men, standing in prayer, were butchered. Butchered with knives and axes as they prayed to God. The assumption can only be, as the mutilated and maimed were Jews, that the BDS did not think it relevant or particularly moving. They did manage to spend a moment in thought for the Gazans who has lost their lives but remained racially silent on the death of today’s innocent. Silent on the death of a 3 month old baby who a few weeks ago was flung from her place of safety as a terrorist drove into her, silent on the death by stabbing of a young South African woman of 26 last week, and silent on the death of men in prayer.

One can only imagine the reaction were there to be an attack of this kind on a mosque (if it were not by other Islamic militants). The world would erupt. We would have marches and boycotts and we would have emergency UN meetings. But COSATU(Congress of South African Trade Unions) and the BDS instead fixate on their petty little Woolworths game of one-upmanship and of pig’s heads, when only the completely ignorant would think that this is truly about the Middle East Peace. It is about politics. It is about racism but it is most certainly not about peace.

Woolworths didn’t attend the meeting and I applaud them for that. They have remained consistent. They are clear that they are being targeted by the BDS and COSATU and they have remained resolute in their approach. They are taking the lead of the South African Government trade guidelines and will not allow themselves to be intimidated by this agenda driven posse, even considering the disruption and the intimidation to their staff and to their customers.

The smattering of sad and neglected Jews who they parade at every meeting, COSATU, and of course those that hate Israel because it is a Jewish State form the BDS support base. They are focused and they are deceptive and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. What they fail to recognize is that many more impressive than they are have tried to destroy our people and all have failed. And we know that at the end of the very long day, that is what they seek.

My suggestion is that COSATU wake up to the reality that plagues South Africa and spend their energy addressing the multiple issues that we face, that the BDS find a real cause, and most importantly that we continue to shop the hell out of Woolworths.

About the Author
Howard Feldman is a lawyer, a physical commodity trader by industry and a writer by obsession. He is very active in the Jewish community and passionate about our world.
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