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A healthy dose of comic relief

Anyone who knows me knows that I love life and love to laugh. It’s a gift I like to give to myself every day; kind of like free vitamins. Heck, laughing has got to do at least as much good for the body as popping some questionable pill. It’s also often all the exercise I’ll get that day, so a good, solid belly laugh might be all the efforts I make toward a flat tummy. Alright, so it might not work, but, hey, at least I’m having fun trying!

Not everyone can just smile and laugh on a dime. While there are naturally grumpy people out there, some people have good reason not to laugh. Israel has had more than its fair share of tragedy and terror; yet somehow, as a people, we survive. We pick up the pieces. We move forward. We become stronger. And, finally, we laugh again.

Happily, we can get a bi-annual laughter booster shot in Israel with Comedy for Koby, a benefit for the Koby Mandell Foundation. You might think it’s ironic to organize such a fun-filled, laugh-your-ass-off event to raise money for such a serious cause as families of terror victims. But no; these families have gone through unspeakable personal tragedy. They are picking up the scattered pieces of their lives. They take one small step at a time. They are healing. They are learning to laugh again. We can take two hours out of the rat race that is our own lives, forget it all as we laugh at acts by hilarious, top-tier Hollywood comedians, led by the incomparable Avi Liberman, and know that in so doing we are helping families find renewed laughter in their own lives.

Don’t miss out – buy your tickets now!

The tour kicks off on May 31st and features shows in six cities:
· Thursday, May 31 – Modiin – 8:30pm Einan Theater, Azrielli Mall
· Saturday Night, June 2 – Tel Aviv –10:00pm LATE SHOW Tzavta 1- Even Gevirol 30
· Sunday, June 3 – Jerusalem – 2 SHOWS – 7:00pm, 9:30pm – Beit Shmuel 6 Shama St, near the David Citadel and King David hotels
· Monday, June 4 – Gush Etzion – 8:30pm, Ulam Smachot opposite Bank Mizrachi
· Tuesday, June 5 – Raanana 2 SHOWS – 7:00pm, 9:30pm, Eshkol Hapayis 46 Hachayil
· Wednesday, June 6 – Beit Shemesh – 8:30pm, Eshkol Payis, Migdal Hamayim

For more information see Comedy for Koby


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Laura Ben-David is a photographer, public speaker and Israel advocate. Inspired by her Aliyah experience, Laura began writing and never stopped. She is the author of the book, MOVING UP: An Aliyah Journal, a memoir of her move to Israel. She has spoken all over the world about Israel, Aliyah and other topics, often with beautiful photographic presentations. Formerly the head of social media at Nefesh B'Nefesh, Laura is the director of marketing at Shavei Israel as well as a marketing consultant.