A High Commissioner of Stupidity

The United Nations is a repository of world leaders, a real estate so valued no Billionaire can afford to purchase, a richness of protocols that honorable English Lords or Japanese nobles steeped in courtesy must themselves learn anew.

These hallowed halls embrace world leaders with the most stately cosmic titles.

Kings, Emirs, Princes, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals are but a few honorifics visiting The General Assembly.

Not to be outdone senior leadership positions are titled The Most Honorable, or The High Commissioner… all in the name of world peace which hasn’t advanced much but narcissism surely has gained traction.

The UN needs a new title, High Commissioner of Stupidity.

Though the race is tight for which world leader or UN employee should carry this prestigious honor we award it to Richard Falk an official in the United Nations Human Rights Council who carries the title ‘council’s special rapporteur on the Palestinian territories’.

No doubt more people know what a stupid person is than what a rapporteur is.

Mr. Falk blamed the Boston Marathon bombing on Tel Aviv. Mr. Falk does not see the bombings in Boston as perpetrated by two unstable vengeful seeking terrorists.

He proclaims Israel a compliant agent of the United States as responsible.

A rapporteur is a professional writer of reports. In this case a writer of reports on behalf of Palestinians which automatically means anti-Israel. That even Russia a decades long ardent protector of Palestinian criminality proclaims the Boston bombers as terrorists underscores Falk’s deserved new title.

United Nations officials enjoy bestowing honorifics in lavish well-heeled receptions. Heralded in by pinkey raised cocktail glasses every bow and back slapping courtesy photographed we cheerfully embrace Richard Falk for what he is, The United Nations Rapporteur of Stupidity.

Mr. Falk need not worry. No doubt he’ll be quickly sharing this title with others. After all he works at the UN where the flies on the walls suffocate from banality.

A Hobson’s choice of Stupidity.


About the Author
David Mandel is Chief Executive Officer of OHEL Children's Home and Family Services in New York