A Home of our Own

I wonder sometimes what kind of a people our enemies think we are. Perhaps they think we’re the first people in the history of…people to voluntarily raise their hands and give up the most precious thing we have ever had.

Our freedom. Our right to choose. Our opportunity to depend only on ourselves for our future.

Israel is these things and more. Israel is life and liberty for our whole people.

It will never come to pass that the Jewish people simply says “well we tried” and walks away from the land of Israel. It doesn’t even matter whether we are physically living there or not.

I wonder why they think so many of those Jews in America and elsewhere give away so much of their money to that little piece of Jewish land all the way over in the Middle East?

Is it because they think the Jews of America are so rich that they’ll give money to anything?

They don’t understand that the mere knowledge that there is a place on this earth where the Jews are the soldiers, the judges, the policemen, the politicians, the taxi drivers is enough to capture their hearts, their souls and their everlasting support.

Israel is that place on earth where the Jews breath free air, where the Jews decide for themselves with the confidence of people who have grown up knowing for a fact that they are in the majority.

Israel is that place on earth where the day off is the Jewish day of rest, that place where the traffic stops on the Jewish day of Atonement, that place where the festivals are holidays not days one has to meekly plead to take off from work.

Israel is freedom from the hordes who arrive outside our homes to murder us.

Israel is dignity. Israel is life.

Do they think we’ll just give it all up and go back to the people we were before?

Do they think we’ll just raise our hands into the air and go back to being the world’s whipping boy?

Yes they do.

And they’re wrong.

We have tasted freedom and we will NEVER go back to being the put upon people we once were.

If keeping our country, our freedom means giving up part of the ancient homeland we’ll do it.

If it means Palestinians have to live in shit forever because they can’t accept the fact that the Jewish state is here for good then that’s what will be.

It was the Chinese warrior philosopher Sun Tzu who said that no state has benefited from perpetual war. But we Jews would rather have a state constantly at war than no state at all.

Those people who are so certain they understand the Jews should start by understanding that and move forward accordingly.

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada
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